Spiritual Teachings

EzOlogy. Ego= blocking relationship with God. Spiritual Teachings Summarized

EzOlogy Take The HIGH ROAD. DONT have ego wars. Doesnt even make sense, waste of energy.

EzOlogy Ego. Do I want to be miserable or accept what is and MOVE ON.

EzOlogy You MUST tame ego or it will destroy you and This Planet. LITERALLY.

EzOlogy Ego and Materialism. The pursuit NEVER ends. You just want MORE and MORE.

EzOlogy Ego talk. God wants This World to PROSPER. NOT be destroyed by unconsciousness.

EzOlogy Eustress = Greater Good = Spiritual Intelligence

EzOlogy Understand ALL Religions and you Understand THE WHOLE.

EzOlogy Ego feeds on problems and drama

EzOlogy Ego the Primary thing holding people back. Attachment is DANGEROUS and leads to suffering

EzOlogy How to get Smarter. Spiritual Intelligence. My Revelation

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