*February 5th edit* Our Primary goal is to Elevate The Consciousness of Mankind. We will assist people who are dominated by ego and the need to acquire more and more material possessions with no concern for anyone else while building their mental thought process and assist them with achieving Spiritual Enlightenment. A Large portion of the profits that we generate from the variety of businesses within The Future Millionaire Society will be going towards building up the poor communities across the country and The World. Individuals will not be obligated to donate any money with what they earn from the organization but it will of course be recommended and there will be GREAT Incentive and Recognition to those who do. We will put an end to a child starving every 5 seconds by feeding them and teaching them how to grow their own food to sustain themselves. The 1% is not going to change the system that is built to benefit them because they are at the “top” so WE, the 99% MUST UNITE and build The New and Improved World we want to live in and lead Mankind off of the path that is leading to oblivion as war and pollution becomes exponentially worse.

To really transform The World we need to influence the youth to think more positive and with Love. To influence the youth we need to influence celebrities and other people of power to free themselves from ego thinking and Elevate their Consciousness to include EVERYONE in their plans not just themselves or a small exclusive group of people. To influence people dominated by ego all we have to do is help them get what they are looking for, money and status. Once we help them, they will be more receptive to what we have to say and our philosophy on Improving The World. One of the fundamental principles is We Must work TOGETHER to have POWER to Create CHANGE.

*December 6th edit* The name is Future Millionaire Society because that was going to be the name of my organization when I was planning on becoming a billionaire but I got Spiritually Enlightened and realized that money is the very thing that people kill for and is terrorizing our Society so I will NEVER EVER touch a dollar or even go into a store that sells goods for that matter. Money is the cause of inequality, which is the cause of ALL the problems running wild in our society because the 1% with all the money are hoarding, which trickles down and leads everyone to be selfish and not want to help fellow neighbor. This World is primitive because EVERYONE is conditioned to compete with one another and its a well known fact that working together provides STRENGTH and POWER. Global Resource Based Economy so Mankind will Survive. EVERYONE MUST have their basic needs provided FOR FREE. People must feel like the systems in place are doing EVERYTHING in their power to benefit them, which will lead 7 billion people to do EVERYTHING in their power to benefit the system. Its not even that difficult to understand but everyone is stuck in thinking insanely that money is necessary for society to run. When money becomes edible, I’ll rethink my philosophy but until then it is the very thing strangling Human Potential. People get caught up in the pursuit of money, which is selfish, which leads to small minded thinking which leads to an ignorant populace. It is scientifically proven that by caring about more you think about more and you think about solutions to more problems which leads to a more intelligent person. The 1% are on a mission to keep the population as stupid as humanly possible because they are consumed by their immature childish egos leading to the destruction of This Planet for the pursuit of money, which the ego will NEVER have enough of because the ego ALWAYS wants MORE and MORE and MORE until it destroys the host and then ends up dying itself because it has nothing else to feed on. The solutions to This World are VERY SIMPLE, the trick is we have to WORK TOGETHER instead of defying The Laws of Nature aka God and put an END to detachment from everyone else and Nature.

I wrote this page like two weeks ago on like November 8th or so and it is dated so this is a brief update. It is now the 24th and things have changed. Money is stupid and I will never touch another dollar for as long as I live. I will not become a Doctor in Human Relations seeing as I’m already an expert, instead I will become a Scientist that helps Pioneer the Renewable Energy that will allow Mankind to travel and experience The Galaxy. Every problem that you can think of troubling our society will not exist in The Future, The Age of Wisdom. You are ALL GODS, I LOVE YOU ALL.

Welcome to The Future Millionaire Society. We are an organization that will assist you with whatever it is you are trying to do as long as it is for a good cause. One of our top priorities is limiting the suffering of all life on this planet. There are a number of different ways to go about accomplishing these two tasks and that is why there are so many different opportunities available to you because we want our members to feel free to express their voice however they choose. Everyone is unique and has special talents that will be nurtured to help people reach their max potential.
A large part of the core of the organization is a number network marketing businesses. Instead of just working one, we at FMS work them all. This is very useful because a particular business may not appeal to someone but another business might. This system helps increase your recruiting ratio because you have a number of options to present to prospects before they can turn down your opportunity, The Future Millionaire Society.
At FMS we love to cater to the creative types. We understand that money is not everyone’s motivating factor. People want to do what they are Passionate about. Musicians, Actors, Writers, Models, Photographers/Film makers etc are all strongly encouraged to take part in The Future Millionaire Society. We help link you up with other people in your field of interest. As many of you know, in the entertainment industry its not about what you know, its about who you know. We will be that bridge for artists to reach their dreams.

To give you all a brief introduction as to who I am, my name is Noquisi Burgess aka Q Ez Money aka Grandiose. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY but I spent my teenage years in Oakland California. Recently I went through a transformation that gave me my true life’s purpose, which in short is saving The World. That transformation led to my spiritual awakening. I live a life free of stress and unhappiness because of my shift in consciousness. I am going to do everything in my power to have this shift in consciousness spread across the Globe. That alone will be enough to save The World from the pain and destruction that the unconscious human mind is inflicting on other human beings, animals and Mother Nature.
I am an Artist, Writer, Journalist, Motivational Speaker, Event Promoter, Spiritual/Business/Life coach, Radio/TV Personality. (obsolete, I’m a GOD)
Some of my goals and plans are:
• Doctorate in Human Relations/Sociology (obsolete, I will be become a Scientist)
• Debut Mixtape will go multiple times Platinum (selling stuff is obsolete)
• Learning Spanish, Arabic and Chinese (We will have a World Language so this is kinda obsolete)
• Creating a few thousand Millionaires (obsolete)
• Becoming a Billionaire (obsolete)
• Building Cities with Resource Based Economies and having the World adopt the system
• Exposing corporations that are using human slavery and destroying the ecosystem
• Teaching our youths how to Succeed to help them avoid a life of crime (crime will be obsolete in The Future)
• Empowering people to find their voice and be heard
• Building a Powerful Education system that helps young and old people reach their MAX potential
• Putting an end to people being homeless, dying of starvation and dying of lack of insurance or not enough money to pay medical bills
• Improving the lives of pregnant mothers
• End to war and violence

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