Become a Sun God, The 7 Stages

Stage 1 (Fresh God)

  • come up with a name “………” The God
  • make a list of everyone you know
  • start a wordpress account
  • get a board, bike or blades, scooter (anything with wheels that doesn’t run on oil)
  • accompany us on one of our rides
  • go to and hit the like button
  • post as a status on facebook “Welcome to The Future Millionaire Society, We are Elevating the consciousness of Mankind by assisting people in becoming financially secure and Spiritually Enlightened, Love you all, World Peace Prosperity for ALL” Make a list of the people who inquire about your post.
  • Follow @UApromotions and/or @DrGSTarLight on twitter & instagram and mention those accounts in a tweet saying “#ElevatedConsciousness #FutureMillionaireSociety #WorldPeace and #GodMode” along with whatever else you want to say/would like promoted and I will retweet that for you on @UAPromotions
  • tag Future Millionaire Society on public property (optional, be sure to take a picture for our gallery with your initials)
  • Buy a feather from @DrGSTarLight
  • Buy a hard copy of “Bay Day” (my Debut Mixtape) from @DrGSTarLight
  • Buy some spray paint (any colors you like) & let Master J The God do some work on at least one article of clothing
  • start your own movement for positive social change (optional but Highly recommended)

Stage 2 (Prepared God)

  • ask your list if they are interested in FMS or any organization that promotes a better Planet
  • tell someone about The Future Millionaire Society and introduce them to me
  • read Stephen R. Covey, Eckhart Tolle, Napoleon Hill, The Secret, How to win friends and influence people, How to have Confidence and Power in dealing with people, 48 Laws of Power (Anything on the reading list)
  • read The Master Key to Happiness Future Millionaire Society Revolution Manifesto Volumes 1 and 2
  • Watch every single video on and like them and comment your thoughts
  • Watch all of the videos in FMSTV

Stage 3 (Business Starter God)

Stage 4 (Tycoon God)

Stage 5 (Savior/Messiah)

  • Volunteer work, service others. Complete 6 hours of community service in 7 days.

Stage 6 (Angel)

  • Host an event that helps The People/Uplifts The Community

Stage 7 (Sun God)

  • Do ALL of the above to become 7S (Full Member)

You do not have to do any of these stages in any particular order to join. The beauty of The Future Millionaire Society is everyone is already a part of it due to how our affiliate program is designed where anyone can make money just by referring people and the fact that ANYONE who wants to make The World a better place will automatically be a part of us as well.

These stages are put in place so we can have structure within the organization, as well as determine who are truly passionate about being Leaders in The New World.

One response to “Become a Sun God, The 7 Stages

  1. I love what our spirit is doing. Amen told me to check in with the others he was influencing and the others of us connected to him so I found this. Thank you. I see the influences and similarities throughout. Love it. Enjoy what Amen Ra is doing through me on my channel. Peace love and perfection.

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