BSU Youth Mentor Program 4 Earth. Brief Billionaire Business Overview at the End.


I wrote this article friday night and then I woke up saturday morning and my account was active and obviously I worked my ass off cause I got tickets and some bills I need to pay soon lol but just moments ago I was notified that my lyft account is suspended which was the main job I was working seeing as I haven’t started the businesses (for reasons that I don’t care to explain to ya’ll in this article) that will make me billions to ensure prosperity for everyone & ultimately rid ourselves of the money system. For the record I don’t even really like driving for lyft but I have my reasons for why I’ve done it so long since January  (reasons that I don’t care to explain to ya’ll in this article) so even though its somewhat annoying that my plan to raise the capital I need to fund my various ventures is thrown off a bit I view it as a blessing in disguise and an opportunity to do what I TRULY want to do and have Genuine Passion for (for reasons that I don’t care to explain to you). And now on with the article that I wrote friday night.

Part 1 Ok so lyft deactivated my account for whatever reason and I just started my night 2 hours ago so I can only do uber and I don’t even like uber so I figure I take a break and bust out an article because it dawned on me at this point in time that this is the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to officially quit doing uber and lyft and work in the Oakland Unified School District all year like I really want to.
Also the PERFECT time to start all of these various businesses and systems that have been lying around in my head for the past few years.
If you are reading this then I do beg that you support Our New Mentor Program to ensure that our youth are being raised with the success principles necessary for success.
I write that it’s the PERFECT time because of school starting and the powerful friendly presence I’ve created for myself on campus at Laney college with our BSU (Black Student Union)  tabling event this past Thursday.
I have sparked a lot of interest in the BSU and have people ready to join the cause and help me teach the youth. I have people viewing me as the true leader of the Bsu, a funny joke seeing as I’m the Leader of the World.
Basically I am in a position where I can soon fully take control of the student culture  at Laney & all of peralta through the bsu’s alone which is hela cool to say the least but far from enough.
The reason for this is it’s the beginning of the year and kids are curious to see what’s going on campus and they are realizing that were the most PoPping things on campus because we are providing people around the world with Ultimate Purpose in life and we have a KickAss Strategy to Transform the world for the better. 
So I’m basically going to highlight what is going on because I feel the world should know right now.
This first BSU meeting will be the PERFECT opportunity to rise and be viewed as a leader in command. I am going to first find out what ideas everyone has about what bsu means to them &/or what they want to see BSU do as well as what they would like to Be a part of.
Everyone has great ideas provided they are nurtured so we will do a lot of planting that 1st day and set up leaders of teams of people for new ideas that people are willing to devote time to.
I will then briefly break down the various business plans & find out who is interested in what because many of them want to be rich as well as explain the mentor program.
All we have to do then is simply set up a variety of go fund me accounts for our various ideas and set up the free food stand in affluent areas and visually record everything we do to assist us and Ensure that our movement goes viral on social media & we get support from all over the world. But of course not just affluent areas but poor areas as well. I should state in this article that an idea I have is for every food stand we do in an affluent area we do 1 or possibly even two in a poorer area. The philosophy behind that is when were doing a free food stand in an affluent area with a lot of tourists who have loads of money to blow we will be in fund raising mode but in the poorer neighborhoods we wont be expecting donations. It basically creates a system where the food stand is self funded by the rich of the world to feed and teach the poor to Bridge The Gap (bout time they start using their money to actually do some good LOL and yes I’m aware theres many rich people who do good with their money but understand where I’m coming from for the sake of this article) Funny part about a lot of rich people is they believe that were heading into a two class society and honestly we currently are but I’m the X FACTOR that’s going to SQUASH THAT BULLSHIT ASS THEORY AND FUCK UP ANY OF YOU WHO TRY TO STAND IN MY WAY!!!!!!!!!!! Lions Tigers Bears OH MY LMFAAAOOOO!!!
A huge part of what I’m going to be doing is educating the women at my school because more intelligent women will breed more intelligent babies and simultaneously force men to up their game to even be able to converse and interact will these new super women I envision who are not air headed simple shallow judgmental hate filled & materialistic ego consumed individuals. So I’m basically going to have a women’s group that will be open to the high school girls in the mentor program.
With that being said the fact is I have a ton of programs I want and plan to implement and essentially want my life to be dedicated to the success of all those various programs and systems by being the role model for the people to follow and emulate.
I’m writing this to serve as part mixture 4 a proposal for Oakland unified school district to take me on as a guidance counselor so I can pay my bills doing something I love instead of driving around entitled ungrateful spoiled bratty people who want to give  bad ratings over trivial bullshit. But until they do I’ll drive as well as form all these businesses which with all of the support & manpower well be getting leveraging the BSU should be quite lucrative in a very very short amount of time.
It’s also part fundraiser because to ensure the programs are truly successful I need to be working full time because time spent with the kids is critical and essential for building powerful relationships and ultimately trust which is the backbone of that relationship.
It’s also a way for me to potentially get a job working at YU (Youth Uprising) which is something I’d like to do just as much as Oakland Unified School District if they’ll have me on board with my programs.

WHY a Mentor Program
For starters i am completely sick and tired of the youth listening and acting on the advice of unsuccessful people which is merely breeding more unsuccessful people & perpetuating the problems that have gone on for far too long.
One thing that I constantly have come across studying successful people is that they were either blessed with smart parents who acted as mentors or that person went out and found mentors. It’s drilled into most people by success teachers to find a mentor but that system sucks ass to me and is simply not good enough. It’s a young childs (Who DOESN’T fully know how to discern a good mentor from a bad one) responsibility to find people smart so they can learn and be successful? Why isn’t it the responsibility of the successful people to do EVERYTHING in their power to Ensure the youth & unsuccessful are getting the training they deserve because it is a birthright. That’s the paradigm shift i am introducing with the way I structured this mentor program. We take the load off the finding the right person by facilitating the creation of the bonds with creative entertaining engaging events.

It’s neither the sole responsibility of mentee to find mentor or vice versa but instead the responsibility of both which makes a lot more sense to me seeing as both parties mutually benefit. The mentor gains experience teaching, being in a leadership position, reinforces New knowledge learned as well as learns about the upcoming generation which is vital to the way we nurture them. Understanding is everything.

The answer to the question in the title relates to something I’ve been writing about for years which is that the pursuit of money is stifling the potential of our species. Many “Successful people” (I put it in quotes because to a great extent to me many of them are far from successful because they’re just lost little kids to me with shiny toys and a lot of material fluff in their lives) don’t put effort in to train the youth because it doesn’t make them a buck even though if they gave it a little thought they know that its the right thing to do. That’s assuming they’re not deeply unconscious which is what many rich people are because it takes a true JACKASS to possess mounds of money & influence that could be harnessed to elevate those in the third worlds suffering which would dramatically progress the evolution of everyone on Earth and instead they splurge on stupid bullshit.

Just like in the previous article I published the pic because I don’t take a lot of pix and I’m pretty sure posts with pix get more attention lol.

For the record just in writing this I realized that I’m actually going to be more of an observer in this first meeting but well see how it goes. Ill be in my customary observer mode I go into when in social settings unless called upon to explain anything in particular. Its in 30 minutes, should be interesting to say the least hehe. I just realized it wouldn’t hurt to write some of the topics that I was going to present in the meeting pertaining to business and wealth creation that I will use to Become a Billionaire along with my inner circle and help the thousands around us to become Millionaires.

Real estate Flipping homes acquiring rental property etc

Online/social media marketing
Building websites acquiring content
Creating networks and communities of people
Better Yet automating the system so that virtual assistants are acquiring content & putting your business on auto pilot
Building email lists as well as text marketing campaigns
Lists = your gold

Direct selling/mlm type businesses that have quality products with good business model but we’ll eventually improve upon their existing structure due to the outdated mindset possessed in formation if it is a for profit business. and in time Create many of our own mlms that devote all would be profits to elevate the poor and impoverished.

Insurance/financial services business I’ll be joining soon which basically helps people learn more about money

Travel business which will allow us to travel constantly and write off all expenses on taxes as work expenses as long as we promote and recruit wherever we go which will be incredibly ez because we’re fina be the flyest group that people have ever seen in their lives by far

Drink business / our own merchandise that we well in the BSU room, at our free food stands and on campus in the store

Investments starting with Bitcoin (100$ invested last yea would be like 10,000 today or something crazy like that yet I find out about this shit a few days ago lol smh) as well as other digital currencies I will learn about and other lucrative investment opportunities

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