Oakland High/Middle Schhol Outreach Flyers We are Using to Engage The Youth


These are just the first drafts as we test the waters seeing as weve never done this before. To briefly describe the concept behind the mentor program as well as the weekly/biweekly events were planning again in this post, basically were going to throw these events in the parks in oakland and bigger venues once we have more support where we perform, have other people perform, sell items have free giveaways/raffles and give away food and feed anyone who wants some food for free. Towards the end of the event it will turn into a forum where everyone is able to speak out for what they want to change in Oakland and offer ideas for how they want to enact change. The very end will be the part where people can sign up to help people with their ideas for change. Itll basically be the ultimate organizing strategy to unite the positive people and ignite them to action and purpose. I forgot to mention how this ties into the mentor program but basically high school kids and middle school kids will be encouraged to attend the event and all the adults present will be open to being mentors for the kids. I wanted to create a way for people to gravitate towards each other in a not so awkward way. The fact of the matter is I cant personally mentor the billions of kids in the world single handedly nor would I want to because I only want the cream of the crop to be that close to me and not all kids are even going to like my style of mentorship because not all kids want to be multi language learning/ computer programming/ scientists/musicians/artists etc etc all the other stuff I do. Some kids will prefer a more easy going laid back approach or just click more with certain adults because of similar upbringings. So the idea is that a kid may talk to like 20 adults who are interested in being their mentor but choose the 21st. Theres really no rush to pick someone. Same with the adults. It should be a mutual decsion and the cool part is that you dont necessarily have to have one mentor/mentee. Its actually encouraged to have multiple for the different interests that the kids have. The fuel behind our events providing the funding will be the various businesses I have/will start where I will use all the profits to essentially just pour back into the programs and fund the various giveaways and all the food we will be giving away. To summarize the idea of that, I’m basically going to use for profit businesses and me a master network marketing recruiter and uses all my revenues to fund my non profit organizations. Thats a really big concept but I’m trying to keep this concise and short and sweet. Needless to say theres a lot more to all of this and I mgith have missed some stuff seeing as I whipped this up in a few minutes but yea… I forgot to post these flyers to the  blog prior to us being out at Oakland Tech yesterday so I figure I change that and put em up for people to see visiting the website.



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