Road Map for The Youth To Succeed in The Digital Age, The Age of Information aka our Exponentially Evolving Society.


I wrote this with the intention to serve as guidelines for youth to be taught starting as early as 5 years old. The idea is to first start teaching it to kids in high school and middle school through our mentor programs and inspire them to mentor those younger than them and so on and so forth. So basically imagine middle school kids mentoring the 5th graders and 5th graders mentoring the 4th graders who mentor the 3rd graders and so on and so forth. The cool part is because there’s only a year difference they will be the most capable at transferring the message into a form that can be easily understood and digested. This is the beginning of the most advanced leadership development program to ensure that success principles are ingrained into each and every child. In time I will do more research/find other peoples research and come up and publish a game plan for two year olds because THAT’S REALLY where we need to be pouring a lot more attention due to the incredibly malleable state our brains are in at that age. DO NOT THROW YOUR KIDS IN FRONT OF THE TV & STOP beating them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The one possibly most important lesson I feel the youth around the world need to know is that we live in a world with an incredible amount of fluff & sugar and that it can be EZ & tempting to be consumed & mesmerized by that fluff and in doing so becoming unsuccessful & miserable. We live in an age where you can literally access anything you want to know in seconds but you can also spend hours wasted pouring over friends timelines endlessly, playing video games, binge watching  Netflix and t.v. & other detrimental activities hindering the success of many in the world today. We as a people should be smarter than ever but were not and it’s because people lack discipline in their lives as well as vision for the future & ultimately leadership in their lives. We live in an age where ignorance is a choice due to the fact that you can literally pick up your phone and search and learn ANYTHING you want AT ANY TIME so we need to be taking advantage of this amazing opportunity we are blessed with that our ancestors WISH they had at their disposal.
Our population is at a crossroads.
Most will evolve and grow with the times & others will become extinct.
The media is aware that negativity sells and that is why it is hammered into your mind’s because our minds haven’t fully evolved in relationship to our recent technological advancements. The instincts necessary thousands of years ago dodging lions & tigers in the jungle that greatly aided in survival like over attention on fear & hate are now incredible hindrances that the media exploits with its fear mongering. We will eventually develop a far more enlightened media system but until then we must be aware and make others aware and in doing so ratings for negativity will decline forcing media outlets to give the people what they crave which is positivity, inspiration & enlightenment.
The big takeaway from all this is be very conscious of what you’re devoting physical time to as well as mental energy and make small goals to ensure you’re steadily progressing intellectually in life which will guarantee more fulfillment and happiness because you will do the same for others, one of the many keys to happiness which is helping others become happy & more fulfilled in their lives.
Another big thing of note is vision and picturing where you want to be in life. Most people don’t plan to fail they fail to plan and like I said earlier if you don’t have a clear path in sight you will run around in circles and never really get anywhere and more than likely end up unsuccessful & miserable.
It is also important to note that many youth and honestly people in general are constantly listening to music but the problem is they are listening to this crap music filled with negativity which is quite literally going to war with your mind making you stupider and bringing you down. Anything talking about killing people, exploiting women/people, not caring about others or the world is not something you want to be putting into your mind even though there’s a bunch of fools at your school who are considered “cool” that do that all the time. Have NO fear tho because when I show up to your school campus everyone in your classes will know the official definition of cool instead of this RETARDED nonsense that has been eroding the minds of our youngsters for decades.

Just to add in case you all are not aware, my plan is to quite literally step foot on the grounds of EVERY high school and middle school in THE WORLD to officially induct you all into Our Mentor Program and so every kid in The World can say they have met me at some point in their life which I’d imagine will mean a lot to you lil ones. Love Yall.

I inserted that pic which I literally took moments before publishing this article because 1. I dont take a lot of pix anymore and 2. I know posts with pix seem to attract more attention lol.

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