My Response to people calling me a “self righteous asshole”. I WILL LEAD THE CHARGE in The Jungles of The World!!!


So I was thinking about the two recent tweets I posted which hopefully will allow me to shuttup 4 now at least. It’s annoying cause I already know the responses of my critics to stuff and I be feeling this weird urge to SHUT them the FUCK UP before they even have a chance to get started & get a head of steam.

See basically the tweets were along the lines of people are spoiled ungrateful little brats in this country (america) and honestly who could really argue with me when you look at the average person who has more luxuries than most around the world but they don’t appreciate the shit they have because they’re tryna keep up with the “Jones’s”.

But that leads into what was running through my mind, how people are probably calling me/thinking I’m some self righteous asshole because I’m exposing their indifference and pardon my language (I don’t really like this word but I think it’ll accentuate my point to you all in this instance) but Basically I’m making them look like Little Bitches. Now they’re gonna think what they think but when they hear about me Duffing (that means punching 4 all you under the rock folks LMFAO) pimps/rapists & whoever disrespecting The Mission (I’m REALLY WAITING for 1 2 challenge me so I can Finally set an example & see for myself how much of a BEAST I Am) & mobilizing an ARMED FORCE to go into the REAL Jungles of the world and FREE the female and child sex slaves, well see how much their opinion matters in regards to calling me a self righteous asshole BECAUSE I PLAN TO BE ON THE MOTHAFUKIN FRONT LINES LEADING THE CHARGE LIKE THE GANGSTA TRIBAL WARRIORS IN ANCIENT TIMES DID! They’ll be sitting around looking like Doofuses talking shit eating off their silver spoons while I’m FIGHTING making myself into a Real Life Marvel Comic Book Super Hero in the eyes of EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD Liberating ALL poor & oppressed people from bondage & slavery. Amun MothaLovin Ra #swag

I feel I really can take a break from posting now that I got This off my back and focus on these new things I need to Learn which should needless to say BLOW many of your minds away once i do.

Love & Blessings 4 Eternity

Welcome to The Golden Age

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