Present World & The Future


EzOlogy facebook needs to get head OUT of ass. STOP censoring my shit.

EzOlogy No more prisons. Explaining The Journey.

EzOlogy Ego talk. God wants This World to PROSPER. NOT be destroyed by unconsciousness.

EzOlogy Global Resource Based Economy

EzOlogy People cant escape the influence. shove indifference in face. IGNORANCE WILL BE CRUSHED.

EzOlogy Breaking down “the war on terror” NONE ever wants war. leaders sell war and profit.

EzOlogy Bradley Manning in jail so who is “the enemy” they are trying to enslave us all!!!

EzOlogy How is this stuff SO CHEAP? Children SLAVES!!! Have a HEART and WAKE UP!!!

EzOlogy I dont believe in money. No measure of good health to be well adjusted to a SICK SOCIETY.

EzOlogy Breaking down their primitive plot to enslave us all. OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!

EzOlogy What I learned from Pops. What NOT to do as a father. Head will EXIT ASS.

EzOlogy They killed Kennedy. Naive to think obama isnt carrying out their corporate agenda

EzOlogy You have no choice but to SUPPORT

EzOlogy Pregnant Mothers MUST be treated like TREASURED ASSETS. THEY ARE!!!!

EzOlogy The use of fossil fuels DOESN’T make sense. Humans are FAR TOO Advanced to act so primitive.

EzOlogy Ideas have to FLOW for Mankind to thrive SYNERGY COOPERATION

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