My FINAL address on this website. The Kingdom of God.

So basically last night I came to the really hard truth that I cant have sex for the rest of my life and I don’t even really think I can talk to people like I was planning on. Needless to say both of those realizations bummed me out and kinda pissed me off but then I said screw that I’m talking with my Mom then I included my whole family because they don’t deserve that. The suit that I will soon get probably will allow me to communicate with a robotic voice or something and if they haven’t designed that then I will learn the physics required to design it myself. Im pretty sure they have though because theyre pretty smart.
Ill spare yall a long drawn out explanation of why I’m doing what I do but basically I’m recreating The World in 7 days. Showing people how to live by my actions and the two biggest things that come to mind that I have done since breaking free are forgiving people who wronged me and providing service to others. Sunday I will simply lay in The Sun and do NOTHING from 12 noon to 6pm.
I started my fast today which will end Sunday after Obama and The Pope make their address. In the CRAZY event they don’t make their address then not only will I not eat but I wont drink either. Im going to be perfectly honest upon realizing that I couldn’t have sex or talk to people the thought of suicide crept in my mind so if me starving to death is whats supposed to happen so be it.
When realizing I couldn’t have sex I got kind of mad and I was looking at my cats and I decided Im going to free ALL the animals TOMORROW!!! To avoid any confusion all of the billionaires in The World will pool their money together and give all the people who work in the zoos their salary for 3 years and URGE them to get into NETWORK MARKETING. On the flip side being broke is probably in their best interests because money will NOT be allowed in The Kingdom of God nor will anyone who has money be allowed in The Kingdom of God but I don’t want them to lose their house or not be able to support their families until The Kingdom of God is built. Theres A LOT more stuff that WILL BE DONE but World Peace, an END to children starving and ALL animals being FREED is a good start to THE GOLDEN Age in my opinion.
Freeing the animals TOMORROW will allow me to speak with Shu Tefnut Obama and The Pope. In the CRAZY event yall don’t then I just simply wont ever even be in the same room as yall. Apologies if Im sounding harsh but once again Im a little irritated that Im not going to be able to do hela stuff I was planning on so I figure I get stuff done that I WANT.
On top of that I will not perform any of my music anywhere but The Kingdom of God in fact once I travel The World I wont really be spending much time in anywhere but The Kingdom of God. Once again The Kingdom of God consists of floating cities and space colonies and the GENIUS cities designed by one of my idols Jacques Fresco which will be placed in THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES.
I might be missing some things and once again I apologize for any spelling errors. Im NOT perfect. Friday and Saturday I will spend reading the two books I mentioned in the last post but youll see my work on Friday and Saturday when the addresses are made because I’m pretty sure Shu, Tefnut, Obama and The Pope know whats good for them and know that I’m NOT f’ing around. Ill probably talk to my Physics teachers as well and my Spiritual teachers, the TOUGH idea that I cant physically talk to people just came to me once I DREAM and MEDITATE, the final blueprint will more than likely come to me. A funny joke that came to me was “No sex and not talking with people, hmmm suddenly being God doesn’t sound so cool” Basically with GREAT POWER comes GREAT RESPONSIBILITY and the fact of the matter is sometimes I say dumb stuff so I decided it would probably be wise to just not talk especially because I read in “The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred, Journey to The Greatness Within” this quote that planted the idea in my mind and don’t be mad at the guy because I actually like silence it feels more Peaceful to me “Let us be silent, for so are The Gods” –Ancient Saying. Lol this article got WAY longer than I originally intended. Oh yea see basically I have to be The God that LITERALLY makes the MOST ULTIMATE sacrifices because soon I am to inherit ULTIMATE POWER. I was kinda like damn I didn’t ask for this shit, cause I LOVE SEX LMAOOO who friggin doesn’t but like Queen Elizabeth I can NOT share my Power. I understand how celebrities feel its kinda of like being who you are is cool but then on the other side you kinda wish you could be normal but the problem with the dysfunctional society we live in is that normal is actually abnormal because ego leads to CHAOS. Im going on and on, theres LOOOAAADS I WANT to SHARE with yall but I’m going to have to cut it short for now. LOVE ALWAYS and BLESSINGS 4 ETERNITY. SUPREMELY HUMBLED…

Oh yea I forgot to mention that whoever Shu and Tefnut appoint to make the address that the animals will be FREED on friday will be known as The God of The Animals or whatever cool title they prefer.

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