Revisions to Shu and Tefnut. Judgment Day is COMING.

Last night while dreaming I decided it would be wise to abandon my Master Plan to Take Over The World because that plan would make me look too human. No disrespect to you if you consider yourself human but I believe that we are ALL GODS due to the fact we ALL have FREE WILL and The Power to transform The World with our Thoughts by having FAITH and putting in CONSISTENT WORK. It would be foolish of me to do all the running around I was planning on doing considering I’ve already put out a Ridiculous amount of work these past few months since having The Revelation to Save The World from oblivion.
One thing I understand about people who consider themselves humans is that they have a great urge to be entertained and not take part in something even if they think it to be good unless they see other people doing it. People who have been checking my website, even though not many YET, are probably like “oh hey I love this guy, I enjoy reading his stuff and watching his videos, he’s so entertaining his Save The World mission is so cute” but don’t turn around and tell EVERY SINGLE LIVING SOUL what I am doing makes absolutely no sense. Not trying to make anyone feel bad but the fact that I am not getting millions of hits on this website and the youtube videos that I put my heart and soul into to HELP YOU ALL is DISGRACEFUL. Once again people who try to stand in my way/refuse to help me make The World a BETTER PLACE will be judged on Judgment Day and if you’re wondering when that is I will let you know when the day arrives and the consequences for your indifference and lack of ACTION.
Shu and Tefnut the male and female who were most instrumental in FEEDING the starving children around The World have 24 hours to email me their names to confirm being remembered for Eternity in “The Book of Names” which I will start writing on Monday one way or another. On top of that ALL American troops will be brought home within the next 3 days. President Obama will make an address on Friday or Saturday with a speech that yall already have prepared letting The People know about the children being fed, war being ended and will also strongly urge The United Nations and all other militaristic groups around The World to put down their psychopathic weapons because The Messiah has arrived. Obama will be remembered as The Greatest President of ALL TIME for doing this as well as be recorded in “The Book of Names” as The God of American Presidents of whatever cool name he prefers to be remembered as. Once again Shu and Tefnut will be known as The Moon Gods unless they prefer to be called something else but I personally think that’s pretty dope considering the circumstances.
Failure to do what’s listed above oh yea and I need to make amends with The Pope as well for disrespecting him, he will make an announcement on Friday or Saturday as well stating that ALL of the churches wealth is going to go to creating The Kingdom of God. He will be remembered as The Greatest Pope of ALL TIME for doing this as well as The God of The Church. Not sure if I said this because that 1200 word article I wrote which I was proud of got deleted but to punish myself for my arrogance I’m extending my celibacy to 26 and I will not even be able to get oral because I decided that’s sex to. Give me more time to read, write music and Travel The World, learn Physics and meet all The People who thought God forgot about them 5 things which I am Really looking forward to.
If Obama and The Pope fail to make their addresses then none of you will be recorded in “The Book of Names” and I will name my brother, Brandon White as Shu and my sister Nanda Jean Vashti Fogle as Tefnut. Either way I don’t really mind what happens but I’ve given ya’ll the opportunity to become IMMORTAL but if ya’ll think Brandon and Nanda deserve to be named as Shu and Tefnut, so be it.
Some God positions that Ill share until I get the full version of The Naming of The Gods are The God of Arabic (this person will get me Rosetta Stone so I can start learning Arabic my second language) The God of Music (this person will get me a guitar so I can start learning) The God of Atum Ra’s new look (this person will help me show people a taste of what I’m going to be looking like by helping me get The Eye of RA tatted over my left eye,3 piercings: a bull nose ring, 2 ball eyebrow piercing and a ball piercing under my lip and my hair dyed rainbow, and a IMMACUATELY DETAILED Red/Gold/Orange Phoenix tatted on my neck over my star) And to remind yall, whoever gets me a plane ticket to their country will be recorded as The God of that country.
I don’t want to go on and on and on and my time on my library computer time is about to expire my email is
If youre wondering what I’m going to be doing I will be reading “2012 and The End of The World The Western Roots of The Maya Apocalypse” by Mathew Restall and Amara Solari and “The Seeker The Search The Sacred Journey to The Greatness Within” by Guy Finley then I will start pouring over Encyclopedias. This portion of the show is over folks, youll have to watch and read what I’ve already put out. Ill make sure to find time to type up The Master Key to Happiness for yall to so look forward to that.
Once again apologies for any spelling errors, another reminder that I’m NOT perfect. I invite you all to read about ATum RA. I just got done applying for food stamps :D. Nothing but the clothes on my back LMAO. Probably missing some things but yea I’m boogy out Ill make a final address sometime later seeing as I’m being rushed off right now. LOVE YALL FOREVER & ALWAYS BLESSINGS FOR ETERNITY!

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