Briefly naming some Vacant God slots. Be recorded in The Master Key to Happiness and be remembered for ETERNITY.

ok so seeing as how the 1200 word article i just wrote magically got deleted ill keep this short and sweet. Even though I wont be talking with people I will write until they do the pledge with me. Seeing as I dont even have a pen or my notebook Ill start this officially 2moro.

God of The Kingdom of God (origincally was God of New Earth) will be The first Billionaire to donate 30 billion dollars to begin the creation of the first floating city. Wrote loads on this while away and just now just know that The Kingdom of God will house, help and feed the needy. Those are the names I came up with but if you have something cooler in mind by all means thats your name, im all for FREEDOM and SELF EXPRESSION.

The first celebrity with over 500 million dollars who donates half their fortune to building The Kingdom of God will be known as The God of Leadership or whatever name you wish. Btw The Kingdom of God is not only floating cities but also space colonies and a few land cities in third world countries. Im pretty sure I wrote something different for this originally, Ill record the original once I get my stuff.

An idea I just had is to name The Gods of the countries that exist not that will not exist in The Future because division is OBSOLETE. Tonight Ill be sleeping on the grass because I’m homeless. Thats to let you know I dont need a place to sleep. Im very eager to visit EVERY country in The World so whoever gets me a plane ticket to their country will be named The God of tha country.

Three things I want to leave you all off with. It is MUCH BETTER to GIVE than to receive, when you come up with your plans include EVERYONE and when you have FAITH in what you are doing there is NOTHING that you cant achieve. Apologies for this skimmed down version of something that I was really proud of writing and any spelling errors once again I AM NOT PERFECT. Already hela late to helping Mama Joes at The Shelter. Holla at yall when I get my a computer again. My email is if anyone wants to chat with me. Love Yall FOREVER & ALWAYS, Blessings 4 ETERNITY.

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