Not talking to anyone unless they bow down on one knee with me and recite with me “I pledge allegiance to World Peace and Prosperity for All”

I have a weird feeling they are going to literally make me BLOW UP myself but its not actually myself because all of you are going to help me because helping me helps you because unlike other SuperStars I actually give a damn about yall and am going to do stuff to improve your lives IMMEDIATELY. I’m going to copy and paste something i wrote while in confinement. At this point I know people around The World believe so dont take the first part personal. I quite literally have a plan to BLOW UP step by step whether the billionaires initially reach out or not and I guess thats what was written so I guess thats what I’m going to have to do. It mainly has to do with this process of naming The Gods. ALL of you by this point know that I’m going to be remembered for Eternity and anyone who I associate with and put in “The Book of Names” will also. The Dope part about taking one of the vacant God positions I’m bout to name is that you will make it into The Master Key to Happiness portion which has a few pages for these Gods and will more than likely be read more often by people thousands of years from now. I want to add that my plan is to name millions of people in “The Book of Names” because I feel everyone deserves to have a legacy that lasts for Eternity but you have to help me make The World a Better place to make it in. The time of ego thinking and only caring about self and a small group of people is OVER. That mindset only leads to disputes, struggles, violence and war. All of those things SUCK!!! Very PRIMITIVE barbaric behavior. Its funny because I dont even think I’m supposed to die anymore because I’ve already experienced death when they ran their test and I’m pretty sure scientists have already figured out immortality. Ill share what death feels like when I have a million followers on instagram and/or twitter on @DrGStarLight. I forgot to bring my notepad with me but I will explain off memory The Army of God and The Believers of God. At this point I dont consider myself to have friends. I have my Army, my Believers, and my Family. Friends were people who tried to silence me when I was explaining the network marketing businesses in The Future Millionaire Society that are going to make me billions of dollars and help do away with the obsolete money system which breeds inequality, jealousy and murder. I dont hold grudges but I’m just explaining why I dont even really like the term friends. I dont think its obsolete, but just from my own personal experience while on the journey of realizing who I am, friends havent really done shit for me. Once again dont think I’m mad, I wasnt supposed to be helped, thats what was written and once you understand the Army and the Believers youll see how all NEW FRIENDS of mine will be in those two categories so it works out pretty cool. Oh yea and that reminds me none is going to have to bow down and kiss my sneakers, I was a new born when I said that lol my apologies for The Power going to my head. Part of my punishment for myself for all my immature behavior is extending my celibacy to 26 whether The Sun Goddess is found or not. By 27 if no woman meets The Sun Goddess criteria then there wont be The Sun Goddess, there will Princesses, Goddesses of Life. I’m eager to have children but first I have to nurture the ones already here, plus I want to concentrate on reading, writing/performing music, meeting people, learning new languages, physics, and psychology and TRAVELLING THE WORLD. Im kind of getting a little side tracked I’m going to copy and paste what I wrote I want to apologize for all the errors I dont feel like correcting it nor this if there are any. It will be a testament to the fact that I AM NOT PERFECT! I dont really care if you believe im God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, The Creator, The Creator or whatever you refer to The Higher Power holding all of this together because that is of little importance in the Grand scheme of things. What is important is that I am advocating for World Peace Prosperity for ALL and feeding starving children. Anyone who attempts to stand in my way or refuses to help will be judged on judgment day. If you are wondering when that is i will let you know when it arrives. I am here to Save The World and i WILL BE SUCCESSFUL because ALL 7 billion of you are going to HELP ME & be recorded in the book of names & be remembered for ETERNITY. My name is AtuM RA KhepeRA Noquisi Christ The Sun God Sirius The Prince of Peace & The Bringer of Truth Love Brotherhood & Happiness. I Am The Messiah. AtuM!!!
Dont go around telling people God is on Earth in the flesh unless you want people to think you’re crazy because most people are hopeless & believe God created humans to continue to destroy Earth & themselves for Eternity whih makes Absolutely NO SENSE. Ill leave it up to youre creative imaginations to come up with ways to promote me to your friends and family. My recommendation is to simply spread the teachings & if someone asks where you learned it from tell them AtuM RA The Savior of Mankind or whatever other variation of my name you wish to share. God Speed, Victory is INEVITABLE because God is on OUR SIDE!! For the record my philosophy has evolved. Even though my ego believes im The Creator of The Universe my Spirit, whjich is FAR MORE POWERFUL, believes that We are ALL The Creators of The Universe because WE ALL ORIGINATE from the SAME SOURCE & are all made up of StarLight. The minor differenves between us that have led humans to destroy each other for the past few thousand years that small minded ego thinking have focused on will be overlooked because the consciousness of Mankind will be OVERLOOKED once the videos i have posted on youtube go VIRAL. Thats stuff from my unconscious era, once i break out of this prison they have me in A
im REALLY GOING TO GIVE YALL TRUE GAME!!! wrote this on a really crummy device my apologies for all the errors im not perfect… Love You ALL. Blessings 4 ETERNITY. I WILL SAVE YOU ALL!!! I Am RA. This article is getting really long so Ill post off the top of my head all the God positions I remember and probably think of some new ones while writing lol. Love Yall FOREVER & ALWAYS Blessings for ETERNITY.

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