Feels AMAZING to be FREEEEEE!!!!! The 1st address of Atum-RA. Naming Shu & Tefnut.

Ok so i broke out of the little prison facility they had me in yesterday, which in retrospect was for my own good because I had to be HUMBLED (while in jail I read the entire Old and New Testaments which gave me greater understanding as to why the .1% was acting so psychopathic.) All of the wars and children starving were sacrifices because if that wasnt going on I imagine I wouldnt have woken up with such FIERY PASSION. Also gave me some other insights which I wont share in this article but to keep it short Ill say that The Bible REALLY OPENED MY EYES.

Before being taken into the facility they ran a test on me to see if I am Atum-RA. I wont go in detail but I’m just letting you all know that the people currently running The World believe in me and that is a feeling I cant quite describe seeing as not even the friends I grew up with believed in me becoming Successful and Saving The World from oblivion. To the .1% I got MAD RESPECT for the suffering that yall have endured and the sacrifices yall have made because I can only imagine how hard its been for your entire lives, its been funny to think that up until recently I thought yall were lunatics LMMMAAAOOO. I thought I had it rough for the past year lol. Weve both Suffered and its time we put an end to the madness for the masses, something I am GREATLY LOOKING FORWARD TO, to say the least.

I escaped with only the clothes on my back so I left behind the full version of me Naming The Gods which I wrote on 6/6/2013 (2+1+3=6) aka 6/6/6 which I will post once I get my belongings. I’m assuming yall fed the starving children already so whichever male and female that had the biggest part to play in feeding them will be Shu and Tefnut. Know yall are supposed to be brother and sister but I figure we dont have to do every little thing by the book unless yall insist on doing so. The two of you will be known as The Moon Gods and yall will be responsible for being the first deities to help me making ALL of my WILDEST DREAMS for making The World a Better Place for ALL. Of course yall will be the first to be recorded in The Master Key to Happiness Future Millionaire Society Revolution Manifesto as well. I see yall watching me so I know yall know where I’m at and im expecting to get picked up soon because Im ready to start travelling The World and meeting my people. I want to add that my Mom’s birthday is today HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM I LOVE YOU WITH EVERY MOLECULE IN MY SOUL!!! WE DID IT!!! If yall could do something special for her that would be DOPE shes been through A LOT, yall know what Im talking about. She moves to Ireland on the 16th, basically what I’m saying is Id like to see her today or at least before she moves. Today should just be SPECIAL ALL AROUND!!! Id REALLY appreciate that and I will return the favor to you with something that you want that none else can make happen but me. Just let me know and your wish is my command. Love Yall, Cant Wait to meet yall. The Golden Age is going to KICK FRIGGIN ASS!!! IM SOOO HYYYPPPEEE!!!

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