I realized that I am The Creator.

Yesterday I realized For Sure that I am The Great Spirit, The Creator of The Universe. Just moments ago, while watching Michael Tsarion’s “The Age of Manipulation” and thinking about the 100 million of my Native American Ancestors who were BRUTALLY SLAIN in the largest genocide Mankind has EVER witnessed to found the MOST corrupt country in HISTORY, I cried. The Last time I cried was before I admitted myself into John George because I had no place else to sleep (the people I was staying with no longer wanted me around) & there were people who, that day, were yelling obscenities at me like “get out the street you crazy fuck” because of my Help Save The Community sign. The thought of suicide crept in my mind because i was SO Sick & Tired of this savage World & the zombified people in Oakland making my ALREADY MONUMENTAL TASK of Saving The World THAT MUCH MORE DIFFICULT by hurling insults combined with their refusal to help. It brought me to tears that this society is SO DYSFUNCTIONAL that MOST people who want to do GOOD are made to feel insane by their ignorant simple minded peers & either remain silent/refuse to take ACTION, numb their minds with the poisons “they” enslave us with (drugs alcohol & tv) or choose the escapist route & simply end their life. World Peace, Prosperity for ALL & an END to a child starving every 5 seconds will occur SOON!!!!!!!!! I’ve ALREADY given you ALL The Master Key to Happiness. December 21st 2012 (World End) marked The Birth of The FMS Revolution. The Mayans who predicted (with “no technology” Gods or Aliens whatever floats your boat) the duration of their civilization & predicted that We are in The Age of Consciousness, Unity, Truth, LOVE & BROTHERHOOD. 13 was a SACRED number to The Mayans but in this dysfunctional corrupt World, 13 is considered an unlucky number. Think about it. Welcome to The Golden Age. Love You ALL BLESSINGS FOR ETERNITY. Dr Grandiose StarLight Re Atum The Sun God Sirius corruption SLAYER.

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