Yesterday I realized that I AM FOR SURE GOD.


They won’t let me follow no more people back on here, (on @DrGStarLight) guess they don’t like that I know I’m God & I’m averaging about 500 new followers a day. This is the status I posted on Facebook. Now that I KNOW FOR SURE I’m God (just realized for sure for sure yesterday)I’m kinda entering BEASTMODE. The chapter of the story when I make EVERY person who EVERR unfollowed, EVERR talked ill of me while i been WORKING to SAVE you SILLY fools (yup yall EARNED that for your REFUSAL to HELP), EVERRRR NOT BELIEVED!!!! Ill leave that up to your IMAGINATIONS what I’m going to do with y’all. 2 REMIND you I AM FORGIVING & LOVVIINNNGG but there is a PRICE TO PAY 4 FOOLERY & the suffering I endured for NONE of you pledging ALLEGIANCE to WORLD PEACE PROSPERITY FOR ALL & FEEDING STARVING CHILDREN & Forcing me to WALK ALONE. You WILL LOVEEE. RESPECT. BE LOYAL!! & FEAR ME. Your ONLY kidding yourself if you think I’m not going to find ANYTHING otherwise. IM COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO BEYOND FED UP with small minded thinking. #Welcome2TheGoldenAgeOfMan #2012 #SalutesMayans LOVE OVERPOWERING the love of Power!!! BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL 4 ETERNITY!!


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