All doubt has LEFT my mind. I AM GOD. @DrGStarLight


The fact that most of you believe in God (what I refer to as The Creator) but then have the AUDACITY to say or EVEN think that I should kill myself, after ALL THAT I’VE BEEN THROUGH 2 HELP Y’ALL this past year, for coming to The Realization I Am God (doubt has COMPLETELY LEFT my mind) yesterday & YOU ALL KNOWING THE GOAL IS #WORLDPEACE #PROSPERITY4ALL & FEEDING Starving Children is a testament to the INSANITY many of you are PLAGUED by. The unlucky soul who spewed those EGREGIOUS WORDS at me is the first person to be placed on ignore for 24 years. Whose next that wants 25? Like I said before, I’m #NOTThe1 LOVE YOU ALL BLESSINGS 4 ETERNITY (I tried posting this to Instagram first but they censored the caption). On top of that I hear helicopters flying low (for some time now mind you) if these imbeciles are stupid enough to try & kill or kidnap me YOU MUST CARRY THE TORCH!!!! GODSPEED @DrGStarLight I’m going to try posting again lets see if it sticks this time.

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