SILLY FOOLS trying to stop me from taking over Instagram on @DrGStarLight MUST READ!!!!!

20130527-232659.jpg Girl says “Your not God” & they keep exposing their low intelligence trying to delete my response which is QUITE PERSUASIVE if i do say so myself. Lmaooo. Here are ALL the edits compiled into one. This is a fun game. Y’all deleting my stuff & me making y’all look HELA DUMB & probably adding to my GROWING LIST OF BELIEVERS. I appreciate y’all support. This is the post “they” (the FOOLS trying to stop me) deleted not once but TWICE when a girl said “Ur not God” on the last photo I posted on @DrGStarLight @diamondgirlnobody maybe I’m not, Maybe I Am. Regardless I am FOR SURE an entity advocating for #WorldPeace #Prosperity4ALL & #FeedingStarvingChildren so whether you want to initially admit it, not only do YOU LOVE ME, but you also SUPPORT ME. Thank you for taking the time to show you notice we are Blowing Up WORLDWIDE. Love You God Bless. (That’s the 3rd time I posted that. Coincidence theyd delete something like that? Try deleting it again & see what I do.) I’m a GAZILLION times smarter than you fools trying to stop me. Not even a bullet to my head could stop me because I’ve already created a legacy that will last for ETERNITY, Go head & try it if you even have the heart to kill The Person who believes himself to be God. ((((Y’all can’t even keep up with me. I already knew y’all would delete it again. Try being less predictable you’ll have more Power that way)))))

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