ALREADY Saved The World even if I die my work will INSPIRE YOU ALL. Remembered for ETERNITY. 2012 The Golden Age of Man.

Notice how “they” FEAR what I have to say to the point they tried on MULTIPLE occasions to censor me while I don’t give a DAMN about what they think do or say. They could kill me and it really DOESNT MATTER. My legacy would INSPIRE YOU ALL to FOLLOW ME IN DEATH! so The World would STILL BE SAVED. Keeping me alive would of course give yall the perks of embracing my VISIONS DIRECTLY FROM THE SOURCE. Basically I’ve ALREADY SAVED The World with THE WORK ive put out (4 books, hundreds of videos & 5 mixtapes in ONE YEAR) I just need to market it to 7 billion people at this point. Who appears more POWERFUL to you guys? #MostPowerFulBeingOnEarth aka #TheLeaderOfTheWorld aka #TheSupremeBeing aka #God

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