Hour ago someone had a gun out on me on Bancroft. First I thought I was Jesus, now I think I’m God.



Seeing as how someone recently felt the need to have a sub machine gun in hand while talking to me and telling me I couldnt stand in the street, figure its a good time to start writing again. I dont think people are that mentally retarded to kill me especially now that I’m pretty sure theres a good chance I’m God or at least the body God chose to smack the stupidity out of humans. I honestly believed that humans would not have been retarded enough to actually let the insanity carry on this far into 2013, “The Sun is doing something it does every 26,000 years, cool what else is on tv.” I really cant even sugar coat this shit no more. Like to some degree I understand the stupidity but for the most part it doesnt really make sense to me. Its just sad. Its ridiculous how much negativity there is in Oakland. Just in writing this I do understand why people are so stupid but it still hurts that people inflict pain and suffering on each other. Then theres the other batch of fools who actually think Man is going to continue to destroy himself and The Earth for eternity. All of the solutions essentially root back to Leadership and seeing as how I already wrote a fair amount on this I wont go into how Godly Leadership is the answer to Mans problems.

Its weird because I know if I do survive in Oakland I know life is going to be DOPE because 7 billion people united is going to propel Mankind past its WILDEST dreams (Starships travelling the speed of Light) but sometimes I be thinking maybe one of these knuckleheads who probably joked about how I was some crazy fuck to quote one of the knuckleheads who yelled at me when I was in mask and sign mode, is going to get jealous of how ridiculously Fly I am (not to sound arrogant but facts are facts and having kids look up to me as the most fashionable person is going to help me influence them on how to live as better people. As long as the children arent admiring the guys with all the flashy stuff who are killing and poisoning their own people there is hope for Oakland and The World) The fact that theres going to be A LOT of women who want to share beds with me and just how much Power I am going to have over people adds fuel to the flame lol. The funny part is I’m pretty sure I already have a sick amount of Power, theres just a few leaks here and there from some of the knucklehead “leaders” poisoning their own people and exploiting the sacredness of the female body and thats probably why a few people been coming at me sideways recently. I wont even mention the jackasses in the shelter I volunteer at who came at me but now people got guns out cause they’re probably feeling hela dumb for talking shit. I kinda need to chill but its just hela annoying because I know there have been people with large sums of money/power who have seen/heard of me who could help make my Grandiose vision of making The World a Better Place for ALL but out of fear/retardation they have not. Before I say this I want to remind you all I love people but if I die out here by the hands of some dumbass and it turns out I am God I’m going to make the lives of those people with money/power who have seen/heard about a young brilliant guy in Oakland who stood up to this negative bullshit with World Peace as the message, I am going to make their mothafuckin lives Miserable. I dont even like to curse but you stupid selfish pieces…..let me chill out. See the thing about it is even if I die, all the children starving is going to come to an endsolely off of the work that I have put in and the legacy I have created for myself at the tender human age of 23 years old (24 on May 10. Theres an event at Lake Merrit supporting people with mental health issues. They tried to say I was bipolar, humans are so dumb they thought I was the crazy one. Pretty hilarious when you think about it lol. People with money who did not support feeding the children are going to be sent into exile so their selfish negative ego energy can die with them the way it should, in isolation. The children is just one issue (the main one that will unite The People). Being a person lacking the heart to support feeding starving children makes you a Demon/Jackass in my book that deserves to endure the suffering for all of eternity. The afterlife will be interesting for all of the jackasses with the resources to help starving children who splurge on million dollar banisters. Some millionaire jackass who sings in Vegas has like a friggin gold stairway or something. What a fucking IDIOT, sometimes I wish I could like beat the asshole out of people like that. Glad I cant remember his name, wish I could wipe my ass with his face. Then theres diddy, this guy is a real character. People are dying of thirst, you have hundreds of millions of dollars and you decide to sell water. What a fuckin Asshole. I bet that idiot monster would sell air if he could. Shit like that makes me not proud to be from new york. And diddy if you think I’m hatin on you guess what If I survive out here I’ma be a billionaire in a fraction, a very very very very small fraction of the time it would take you to do it. Then I’d give ALL of my money towards helping The People. That would lead me to make even more billions which I would once again use to make the lives of The People BETTER. I’m sure someone of even your limited ego intelligence can understand a simple concept like that. Just in me writing this I wouldnt be surprised if people just stop fuckin wit all ya shit altogether and you start losing all your superficial power. What a dumbass. Funny part about Diddy being a complete dumbass is theres millions of people who think this fuck head is the man. Reverts back to humans being stuck on jackass mode.


Yo on one hand I apologize for talking to yall like this but on another hand maybe this is how I’m going to get through to yall. I started with smiles, people was looking at me like I was crazy (not everyone but a Majority I kid you not thats how dumb people are shit is mind blowing.) Thats what led me to start acting kinda crazy and rampage around The Town. On one hand I shouldnt of done that but on another thats exactly what I was supposed to do, Ill explain that later but my guess is that you quick witted people dont need to hear my explanation for that to understand exactly what I’m talking about. Put it to ya this way, Everything happens for a reason. Try writing positive articles, 20 hits a day. Disrespectful ungrateful lil shits people have been acting like but its all good. # of other things I’ve tried but bottom line is I’m going to crack then OBLITERATE this thick shield of dunceness (probably not even a friggin word LMAOOO) whether I’m alive or back with The Creator  because unless theres someone else out here like me I must be like his/her right hand man or something. Then theres the pope and the church. They have gold lying around EVERYWHERE, enough wealth and influence to feed ALL of the starving children but THEY DONT. the pope and every other preacher extorting people are all people i wish i could wipe my ass with. pastor in my neighborhood…. no point even going on about pastors, theyre all usually full of shit which is partly why i think it would be cool and funny to wipe my ass with em. Not using toilet paper and I’m running out of old socks and t shirts to use LMAOOOO.

Talked with my friend, my irritation of someone having a gun out on me and threatening to use it has blown over somewhat. Back to my usual state of feeling good, I know were going to Save The World. This is our destiny.

Ok so I just finished typing what I wrote in my notebook this incident occurred literally like an hour ago or something like that. Some parts I was like damn maybe I should edit this out but thats what came out of me after having experienced what none should have to experience. To an extent it wasnt that big of a deal, that wasnt the first time a gun has been pulled on me (kinda funny cause I could kinda tell that he was expecting me to be scared and I was hela calm. My whole thing is, whoever has the heart to be remembered for eternity as THE DUMBASS who killed God feel free to pull the trigger) People be trying to like swerve into me while I’m on my board, yo if you want to me remembered as THE DUMBASS who runs over/cripples God BE MY GUEST. See the funny thing about the “tough” guys is they actually be hela scared and when they see an actual tough FEARLESS dude it rubs em the wrong way. They try to act out but guess what, when I die The Creator has a throne waiting for me. I’m in no rush, the shit ive been through out here has of course made suicide pass through my mind briefly of course but I know yall need my leadership in the flesh and not just The Spirit and on top of that I cant imagine The Creator would be happy that I quit on The Mission I have been trained for since birth. Dont have time to be writing my autobiography tonight but my mental and physical toughness didnt just sprout up overnight.

Love Yall God Bless Do Not take this stuff personal, this was a reaction to a really annoying situation and me experimenting with a new approach to demolish the deep levels of skepticism rooted in the average unenlightened human mind.


A Lot of people think that Jesus is going to come back and save Mankind. When I had The Revelation to unite ALL of the religions I thought I was Jesus and of course people thought I was bonkers. I did some studying and now I’m not even fully sure if Jesus existed seeing as he shares the same biography of Horus, a God worshipped in Egypt in 3000 BC and a number of other figures who all coincidentally have THE SAME BIOGRAPHY. I’ve been out here busting my ass to WAKE PEOPLE UP from unconsciousness, failed to meet or hear about anyone else like me and now I think I’m God.

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