FMS Newsletter Coming Soon. Some of the sections that will be in it.


Money raised for feeding starving children.

Money raised for feeding/helping neglected animals.

Money raised for improving Oakland streets, vacant lots and abandoned buildings.

Money raised for improving the streets of ALL the ghettos & impoverished neighborhoods around The World.

Special Promotional Offers.

Positive quotes: Old and New.

Inspiration: Short pieces of info that will inspire and motivate people to go out and benefit The Greater Good.

Current Events, Positive News: Corporate news has people thinking that everyone and everything is up to no good. This will probably be the biggest section because we have to wash away the negative crap they spam on corporate media to provide people with The Light.

New Developments in FMS.

Life/Business advice.

Pictures of us feeding starving children. Them eating and all of us smiling.

Good ideas people have for FMS and The World.

Space travel updates: We will share with The People new breakthroughs in technology that will eventually help us travel The Universe and interact with other forms of life on other Planets.

New Music, Books and Educational Videos.

Events were throwing/Meeting Schedule.

Comic Section: Mixture of political cartoons and new sections of our comic book

People reaching new stages.

Moon God Section: Until we find The Moon God we will give recognition to those who have helped us and congratulate them on becoming a Moon God.

Loving God Section: Until we find The Loving God we will give recognition to those who have helped children in foster care and congratulate them on becoming a Loving God.

Messiah Champion for World Peace: We will name those individuals who decide to donate the 50% that I am offering to people who decide to join the businesses within FMS to feeding starving children across The World.

Sun God Section: New Sun Gods will be recognized.

God and Goddess of the week and month.

Elementary, Middle school, High school and College God and Goddess of the week and month.

This is just a little first draft. Funny because I actually wrote this in the middle of the night on a whim because I was having trouble sleeping. Been so amped lately because I know any day now we are going to BLOW UP WORDLWIDE and LITERALLY Save The World because it is literally on the brink of destruction. The real newsletter is probably going to have LOADS more content.

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