Dr STarLight Debut Mixtape For Sale NOW. Support Feeding Starving Children.

Aerial View of Clouds and SunThese songs were written and recorded prior to The Revelation/Spiritual Awakening so the content is not what I would ideally want to put out for my first mixtape but seeing as we have limited resources we need to use what we have lying around to Make Things Happen.

ALL of the money made will go to feeding starving children in Africa, South America, Asia, and The Caribbean. To preserve our integrity and prove to people that we mean what we say about feeding starving children, people who buy a copy of the mixtape will have to take a picture with me with their mixtape in hand, the total amount of mixtapes we have sold with that new purchase (I’m going to get one of those things they use to keeps sports scores but until then we will use white construction paper to write peoples number which they will be able to keep as a souvenir) and the total amount of money we have raised to help feed the children. Because we dont have phones you will be required to email that picture to use for our own records. At the end of the month a check of all the money made will be sent to wherever it needs to go (an investor will more than likely help us start out foundation to build base camps so we can not only feed but educate these poor neglected souls) If you have excess money lying around or know somebody who does and wants to contribute to making The World a better place it would be wise of you to get the word out because whatever person with money who supports us in getting this stuff done is going to be remembered for all of eternity. Or sit back and be indifferent to the problems in The World and regret not doing something worthwhile with your life, either way makes no difference because we are going to Save The World whether humans are too stupid to help us or not. I’ve been walking around since August, and it is now APRIL. I would be lying if I claimed to not be disgusted with the lack of support from people in putting This Planet on the Right Path to PEACE and HARMONY. Let me not start a rant but I honestly underestimated the obtuseness of humans and their strong desire to cling to the same asinine routine that has boot and heel covering any chance of real success and joy. 

On top of that once I become a millionaire I will double whatever money was raised from the mixtape sales out of my own pocket. When I become a billionaire I will double the amount I donated upon becoming a millionaire. Once I’m a billionaire The World will probably be saved by then but who knows I could be once again underestimating the power of ignorance and stupidity.

I will only do one official performance of these songs seeing as I have outgrown them and it is content that I dont really want future generations to listen to. That will take place in The Oracle Arena or The Coliseum.

I’ve decided to not perform in any clubs until that happens but I will do performances at Youth Uprising if I found a Dope producer to produce my 2nd album. (I finished writing my first album in New York and I will start recording it once this first mixtape goes platinum) The content from my first album is similar to this first mixtape so ideally I would perform my first mixtape and first album at The Oracle or Coliseum and put them to rest. The money from the first album will probably go towards feeding starving children as well unless I think or something else that requires serious attention but just in writing this I doubt I will because theres not really anything more important than feeding and loving The Future. The first album might go towards building the first floating city so we can start picking up the children and building The New Earth. I guarantee you the money will go to something DOPE that blows everyones mind away, when I make a final decision you all will of course be the first ones to find out 🙂

For a $20 donation to feeding starving children I will perform a song of your choosing right in front of you. $40 and you get 2 songs and so on and so forth. (This will be subject to increase as we begin selling more cds and people realize that we are not playing around about feeding the children.)

Keep in mind that with every purchase of a cd we will offer some free thing to accompany it. Because we are just starting out all we are giving away is 2 pieces of candy of your choosing. 

The REVOLUTION IS NOW. Get with our Positive Energy NOW or later, one way or another you will or your family line will die out and no longer exist because no one is going to want to mate with anyone stuck on JackAssMode.

A part of me thinks I might be God as in The God of everything not just The Sun God. I have no way to prove this but if I fail to come across anyone else like me thats all the proof I need. 1% you might want to give up your wicked selfish ways cause I’m going to Eat yall for lunch and spit you out as Enlightened People who give a damn about The Greater Good.

The Sun God has spoken.

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