Free Car Wash Coming Soon. Some of the Services we will Provide


Phone service: unlimited voice, text and data for 49.99 For every 3 people you get to use the service you get a $20.00 reduction in your bill. Recruit 3 and your bill is 29.99 recruit 6 and your bill is 9.99 recruit 9 and you make 9.99 a month recruit 12 and you make 29.99 a month and so on and so forth.

Flea market- People will be encouraged to come and sell their stuff to people who are getting their Free Car Wash.

Auto insurance- To get your Free Car Wash you have to get a free insurance quote for a new reduced policy.

Therapy/Counseling- Write your problems on a card and with 5 points you can meet and talk with Dr Grandiose Starlight The Sun God for 15-30 minutes about how to solve those problems

Business consulting- By signing up on the first two levels with IMN or for 7 points you can meet with Dr Starlight for 30-45 minutes and formulate a solid business plan to get you doing what you truly love while simultaneously running and growing your network marketing businesses.

Building marketing database- phone numbers and emails. We need to eventually have the contact information of every single person in The World because the best way to help people is to be in touch with them. To start out we will get the phone, email of every single person living in Oakland. For every 7 people you provide name and working number or email of we will award you with 1 point.

Music promotion- Be added to our playlist. For every 3 months on our playlist 1 performance will be expected. Joining the playlist makes you obligated to perform at least once. 3 months late if the performance is not asked for in that 3 month period then it goes away.

Free Advertising for Oakland Businesses- All we ask is that you advertise Future Millionaire Society in your establishment.

We are going to get the names of all of the children in foster care and a list of the 3 things that they wish they could get. You will become a Loving God if you get one of the items on a child’s list. The person or group that buys all of the items on all of the list will be known as The Loving God or The Loving Gods.

I will give 50% back to anyone who signs up on any of the network marketing businesses I am involved with (will be starting our own network marketing company to introduce some of our own new products and services) with me off whatever I earn. If you decide to have that 50% go towards feeding starving children then you will become a Messiah Champion for World Peace.

Each month sales of the Ep will support a different African, South American, and Asian country suffering from hunger.

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