The Search for The Sun Goddess

The Sun Goddess will essentially be the female version of me. She will:


  • Have a unique Fly style of her own unrivaled by anyone
  • Have or pursuing a Ph.D
  • Love of All people and creatures on Earth
  • Complete the 7 stages
  • Will be very involved in FMS and helping us achieve World Peace and Prosperity for All
  • Will not wear overpriced designer clothes, precious gems or metals or excess makeup (preferably none at all but some lip stick/eye liner (minor stuff) will be ok)
  • Beautiful features and nice figure
  • Birth my first child
  • Not be jealous of other women or overbearing
  • Sense of humor and a sense of adventure. Like trying New things is a Must
  • The Model for how women should live
  • Assertive
  • Driving force in transforming the minds of women from immature, shallow self centered and ignorant people who call themselves and others derogatory terms disempowering the entire gender, chasing and trying to impress immature materialistic men who could give 2 shits about them and ultimately settling with the intelligence of someone with a major bulk of brain matter missing which results from only caring about such a small minute percentage of The World when one follows the ego philosophy only caring about self
  • Amazing at teaching others and communicating/expressing her feelings
  • wear natural hair
  • Enjoy reading
  • Preferably be from Oakland but if no women in Oakland match this criteria then preferably New York. Just preference, in all honesty I dont really care where you are. I Will Find You.
  • She will do something to make herself known to The World that she is The True Sun Goddess (I have an idea of this but I can not share because that would make all of this 2 Ez and I am in no rush) 

I havent had sexual intercourse since sometime in early October and the next time I do it will be with The Sun Goddess. Cant wait to meet you, I Love You baby (Big Kisses & Hugs)  

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