The Search for Moon Gods & THE Moon God Continues

Helping us getting any one of these things will transform you into a Moon God. Helping us get all of these things will turn you into The Moon God or if a group of people helps uf get these things they would be referred to as The Moon Gods.


  • Shoemaker to provide a prototype for our shoe line
  • Glasses maker to provide a prototype for our glasses line
  • Artists to make our comic book and animated series come to life
  • deal with a hat, tie, belt and Clothing Manufacturer
  • Car and Motorcycle Designer/Engineer to provide a prototype for our electric car and motorcycle company
  • Distribution deal for our record label
  • Money loan to start our non profit bank to get the money out of the hands of the corrupt bankers wreaking havoc on society
  • Chef to come up with new recipes for our candy business
  • Engineer to help design an idea for a new type of transportation. Mix between a skateboard, scooter, and dirt bike
  • T shirt printing machine so we can start pumping out all of the ideas we have for a variety of different t shirt companies
  • DJ booth equipment for our Free Car Wash and another for our headquarters on 83rd and MacArthur
  • App Designer to create The First Future Millionaire Society app which will help anyone with a phone achieve a Residual Income

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