Our Comic Book will Cleanse The Minds of Our Youth to Transform Society. How to have an Elevated Consciousness in The Future.


We are going to ultimately transform society by cleansing our youth of all the nonsense, propaganda and outdated advice being pumped into them. We will not neglect the older generations but the fact remains that many older people get set in their ways and look at all the pain and suffering in The World and say “thats just the way it is and thats the way it will always be.” We will not let this discourage us because we know that the children are Our Future and any old people who think that Mankind is destined for oblivion from war and hunger (obsolete mindset) will die far sooner than the kids who have been taught The Elevated Consciousness of Loving and Caring for one another and The World as if they were the ones who created it therefore making them the ones responsible for it and all of its inhabitants. I still believe that enough celebrities and people with power will be influenced within a short period of time (this year) and Empathy Cooperation Trust Love Compassion Respect and Synergy will be prevalent in The New World we create. Worse case scenario itll take a few years for the children to grow into World Class Leaders and show the aging adults The Proper way to live life, working Together towards the common goal of EVERYONE PROSPERING not just a small minority, which is the theme of todays asinine culture of capitalistic consumerism and consumption which is shredding The Earth and everything here to pieces.

We are writing a comic book which will serve to teach the kids the problems of our society so they can understand what we are up against and so they know what they need to do to contribute. Many times people want to help Save The World, they just dont know how. The collective effort of a large group doing small things has had a Monumental Effect on previous revolutions in the past and will have a Colossal Impact on The Revolution to End Revolutions as we progress deeper into The Golden Age of Man. One of, if not the Most important goal of our comic book is to teach the kids (and anyone else who doesnt like to read real books) about a different More Positive way to live, one that most adults are oblivious of because they are so wrapped up in the ego mindset of only caring about self/an exclusive group of people that has had mankind living in JackAss Mode for the past few thousand years.

To kick things off we will host park clean ups with the kids where we will educate them about the importance of maintaining clean streets and parks. They will be taught our fundamental philosophy which is that God/Our Higher Power created everything here. Because we Love Our Creator and ourselves we are going to do EVERYTHING in our power to ensure that EVERYONE is preserving what is here. To help them understand our philosophy they will be asked “if your mom built a house would you walk around messing it up? How would you feel and what would you do if you saw other people messing it up?

Children will not be taught to yell or be mean to their peers or adults they see engaging in mindless disrespectful littering. They will be taught shared responsibility and will simply go pick up the trash. They will be taught team work so they will assist each other in ensuring that the parks and streets are kept clean.

I am going to implement a system that rewards the kids for helping keep the streets and parks clean. Kids who turn in bags of trash and recycling will be awarded points. Those points will be redeemable for things like candy, clothes, jewelry, entertainment and other cool stuff that FMS provides. To hammer into the kids heads that the system cares about them (when you feel the system cares about you, you care about the system) I will always provide them with what they need. Soon I will start having lots of money and I will ALWAYS make sure I have tasty sandwiches, healthy snacks, fruits etc on me or with my group at all times so kids dont ever feel the need to steal to eat. I want kids to come to me or people within my organization to survive. If they need some money for entertainment I will make sure I always have a cool activity they can attend for free that is not only fun but of course educational as well. The kids (future adults of The World) will Love Us because we will show Consistent Unconditional Love to them. We will be Loyal to Them and the favor will be returned multiple times over once our babies are matured. Giving ourselves to the children is essentially the core of the solution for how we are going to Save The World, put an end to all the problems running rampant in society aka humans being stuck in JackAss Mode. This is how we are going to Elevate The Consciousness of Mankind for the long run.

The cool part is that kids will NEVER have to pay for issues of our comic  book, we will just give that away to them for free. A microscopic price to pay now considering the Gigantic Consequences it will have in The Future.

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