The Moon God Flyer, Learn how to become a Moon God or The Moon God

Support Us, Become a Moon God


Helping us get any one of these things will make you a Moon God. Getting us all of these items will make you The Moon God or if a group of people helps us acquire these things they would be referred to as The Moon Gods.

  • Phone to stay in touch with people & grow our organization to bring World Peace & an Elevated Consciousness for the masses
  •  Music Studio to record our music·        
  • Apple computer that runs pro tools, Microphone, Headphones and Speakers
  •   2 Electric dirt bikes so we can get around eco friendly
  •      Velocity tablet for business on the go & promotion
  •  Camcorder so we can start filming our tv show, stunts & other cool stuff we do·        
  • Electric Guitar, Bass & a Drum set so our band can get started
  • Business cards for marketing·        
  • Cal Berkeley Education for up to 3 people (We want Ph.D’s)
  • A Library of books on Spirituality, History, Business, Science, Self-Help etc so we can Educate The People within our organization
  • Spray paint, Clothes, Arts & Crafts to begin our jewelry & clothing business
  • Building on 83rd & Macarthur that says “Be The Change you want to see” for our Headquarters
  • Social networking site designers or a budget for it
  •  Electric car/van so we can tour, performing music and hosting events all around the country & The World that Uplift The People & the poor neglected neighborhoods

Yes we are going to become Millionaires (some of us Billionaires) but as of right now we don’t have too much money seeing as people who we have come across lack the understanding of network marketing & think it doesn’t work. People thinking I’m crazy hasn’t helped either.

I will continue to collect cans until people Wake Up & realize that our businesses are AMAZING & start joining.

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