Some of the groups/Organizations within FMS

Masked Boarderz is a group of people that enjoy boarding and being positive lights of energy in the community. And were Super Heroes 😀

FMS Goddesses is the womens group that will help girls both young and old deal with the nonsense the media imposes on us as well abolish it. Men will be able to take part and help but ideally I want women leading and in charge so young girls have strong role models to look up to and aspire to be.

Man Up is a group of men that meet once a week to help guys young and old deal with the issues males face on a regular basis.

International Colored Improvement Association is an organization devoted to helping the downtrodden impoverished colored people of The World who have been exploited and neglected in this white mans world.

Underground Ambition Multimedia group is an organization focused on providing the people with rich quality content to view and assist young entertainers
in making it BIG.

Prostitute Rescue: A lot of women are subjected to manipulation and abuse because they dont understand that there is a better way to make money and survive. We will provide these young women with the information they need to get them off of the streets so they can clean themselves up.

Addict Recovery: We need to help people with addiction problems because often times one of their biggest gripes is that they feel none helps them. We will help them get out of the ego mindset of only caring about self and instead think about The Greater Good which will lead them to becoming successful.

Environment Preservation This is a group of people who want a cleaner Planet to live on and who will do everything in their power to raise awareness so we can have the support of the masses to implement some positive change and get us off the path that is leading to Oblivion.

Health and Fitness: People who are into staying healthy and helping others are encouraged to join this group.

Money Team: Anyone who makes money within FMS or helps FMS make money is on MT.

Animal Shelter: This group is for people who care about the stray animals who are on the streets and do not like the idea of them being put to sleep because they dont have a home. We are going to provide homes for these animals and let them live how theyd ideally want to live, amongst each other to socialize and have fun.

Oakland’s Finest Anyone from Oakland doing anything to stand out as a SuperStar or anyone doing anything to help Rebuild Oakland, Save The World and put an end to all the senseless killing, littering, robberies, drugs and violence that is terrorizing our city and causing us to live in fear of eachother which is tearing us apart.

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