The Script (Business Presentation for Prospects)

network-marketing-imageNetwork Marketing is taking over.

Imagine earning money every month without relying on going to work a traditional job to survive.

Starting and running your own business is the key to financial freedom and peace of mind.

We will help you start and build your own business from scratch as long as you stay in touch and network with us whether in person or through social media.

IMN: Free – $10 to Sign up, $20-80 (up to 120) per referral

MCA $40 to Sign up, $80 per referral

Primerica $99 to Sign up. $1000 for 4 people signed up in the first 30 days. For each person you help save money on home or auto insurance by getting them on a better insurance policy you get $50. There are also large sums of money available to those who get licensed to sell life insurance (your $99 covers your classes and training which is about a $500 value) and help people invest their money.

5linx $250 to sign up, $1000 for 2 people signed up with 10 points (You get points for using the services 5linx provides) This is a telecommunications business so you help save people money on phone, tv, internet, home security systems, id guard to name a few. They alsohelp people save money on their gas and electric bills due to energy deregulation. They offer text marketing which is a very lucrative wealth trend that is sure to make many people fortunes as more businesses realize that texting their clientele is a genius way to stay in contact and promote special offers to help drive sales up.

Amway is $250 to sign up. This business specializes in high quality cosmetics and healthcare products. Each year for over a decade this business has been growing in sales by the millions. They have excellent products that are being bought by a mass amount of people, being a distributor is a sure way to make a nice side income.

Organo Gold is a business that is centered around coffee, the most traded commodity behind oil. Everyone drinks coffee, why not get your friends and family to get theirs from you? Simple as that. It is only $50 to get started in this business.

These are a few of the already established network marketing businesses we already work with. We are of course going to create countless of our own. Imagine having your own line(s) of merchandise or services you provide with a network marketing business platform. The sky is the limit, Anything is possible especially in today’s changing business climate. Being a millionaire and even a billionaire is not too difficult once you understand the system.

You can of course be a part of our affiliate team and get %50 for any person referred that signs up. Imagine referring someone who tries IMN, you would get $10-60 or getting someone to try MCA which would earn you $40 and that’s with NO MONEY DOWN. The money is there for the taking, all you have to do is spread the word and it will flow right into your pockets. Networking is POWER, so go tell your friends and family that The Future Millionaire Society is TAKING OVER, direct them to me (or explain to them yourself to the best of your ability) and I will show them in detail just how were are going to get the job done. United We Stand, divided we fall.

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