The International Colored Improvement Association within The Future Millionaire Society


We are going to build cities that are not held down by the problems of the present day modern world. Some of the cities will be floating cities (a lot of the oceans and seas lay unclaimed) space colonies and use any land that any countries are willing to let us use to set up areas to Elevate The Consciousness of Mankind. We are going to start this off by building a center that caters to The People both young and old focusing on those who are of low economic standing. The major problem in The World, in my opinion, is not so much one of race but one of class. At the same time there is definitely still racial prejudice all over The World especially against black people, which is the reason for our focus being on people who are colored.

To get people to want to help other people and look out for the system/Greater Good, you have to make sure people feel like the system cares and is looking out for them. The center will do this by offering people any and everything that they need to not only survive but really thrive and prosper as we move deeper into The Golden Age of Man. The center will be run off of donations and money made from the network marketing businesses within The Future Millionaire Society. We are going to build model citizens out of the down trodden people who have been exploited by the corrupt forces at work. We are going to help lead The World to Brighter days and rebuild broken spirits who have been neglected by this dysfunctional society. We are going to transform people who feel that there is no hope and life sucks into exceptional leaders who will campaign to mend other broken spirits. A culture of Truth and Brotherhood will be felt by The Billions of People who occupy This Planet before we die.

The first center that we will build will be in West Oakland. It will have:

  • Skating rink (ice and regular),
  • Basketball courts
  • Pool
  • Gym for working out and gymnastics
  • Rock climbing
  • Cafeteria
  • Skate park (The Best one in California, depending on funding The World)
  • Library
  • Music Dance and Art studio
  • School specializing Leadership, Spirituality, Business, Science, Engineering, History and Life Skills/Godly Wisdom
  • Area to feed and house homeless people (Biggest Most Advanced Shelter in California/The World)
  • Tower Farm which will help us grow our own food to feed The People in the shelter and show The World the kind of Genius Technology we have at our disposal in the 21st century.
  • Hospital
  • Apartments/dorms
  • Drug counseling. Drugs are a HUGE problem in The World. Throwing addicts and dealers in prison doesnt really teach people anything. To my understanding most of the time their conditions grow worse. We need to expose people to their addiction and what the drugs are really doing because I believe that will really help free people from the torment of being addicted to using/selling drugs.
  • Radio and Television station to set up a new media outlet to help combat the brainwashing of the corporate owned networks.

The mission statement for now is “Educating The Youth and transforming The Future for The Better.

There are 7 stages in The Organization which I will add to as we continue to grow.

Stage 1 (Supporter) $0-1 donation

Stage 2 (Associate) $1-10 donation

Stage 3 (Friend) $10-100 donation

Stage 4 (Family) $100-1,000 donation

Stage 5 (Lovers) $1,000-10,000 donation

Stage 6 (Stars) $100,00-100,000 donation

Stage 7 (Sun God) $100,000-1,000,000 donation


If your like me then people have laughed at you and thought you were crazy for thinking that you could Save The World. The funny part is WE ARE GOING TO DO IT. To look at the 1% who are controlling everything and wreaking havoc on The World as the elite is false obsolete thinking. I have no proof of this but I believe God/Some Higher Power created The World and i REFUSE to believe that it was meant to be destroyed by these parasitical unconscious ego dominated immature children (Anyone who lacks the intelligence to build and Improve The World and instead chooses to bomb pillage and destroy is a child who Desperately needs a few classes from us) 

We are the 99%, without US they FALL and WE RISE. Love You All, NEVER stop believing that we will be SUCCESSFUL in ANNIHILATING the ignorance of Mankind that has been plaguing humans since the beginning of time.

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