The Intro Business Presentation

We are elevating the consciousness of Mankind. The Future Millionaire Society is putting an end to people viewing themselves as detached from The Whole. We believe that all people have the same essence of The Creator flowing through them and all life on The Planet so it is our responsibility to uplift and preserve what is here. Clashing with each other is barbaric and primitive. Everything in Nature is designed to work together but human beings have been dominated by ego and separated and going to war with each other like fools. We believe in each other and work together towards our common goal of success. Everyone knows that 20 straws is stronger than one so its easy to see that unity is the way to become powerful to get more accomplished. We are going to use network marketing to amass fortunes and raise funds to help the impoverished people across The World and help us live the lives of our dreams. There are a number of companies that we are going to use to our advantage to accomplish our goals. FMS is constantly evolving as an organization because successful network marketing companies are on the rise. We will of course have a few of our own in The Future. The beauty of FMS is that if you are an entertainer or involved in any type of business, we will provide you with free promotions and connections with whoever you need to take you to the next level. Basically we have something for everyone, Literally, and we are going to Take Over The World as people flock to our Positive Loving Energy, one of if not The Most Powerful Force in The Universe. After that give them a brief description of the businesses and what incentives there are to join. Initially you probably wont have a firm grasp on the ins and outs of all the businesses and thats ok because all you have to do is spark an interest in whoever you are presenting to. Becoming financially secure, helping Mankind and free promotions is going to appeal to just about everyone so be very confident when you are giving your presentation. Remember that confidence is the key to success. I say all that you have to do is spark an interest with people because when you bring them around me, I can just grow your business for you. Your success is my success and the same is true for your downline. That is the beauty of network marketing, working together to a common goal of success and happiness. As you come to the meetings and hang around the team you will learn everything you need to know and you can essentially do as you please. Keep in mind that you don’t even have to come to meetings and learn the businesses because as long as you can just get people to see the presentation you will be rewarded. You will build a residual income or a one time payout if you are an affiliate.

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