The Future Millionaire Society. Business Opportunity of a Lifetime.


It’s funny how so many network marketers try to dissuade you from working with other businesses claiming that it’s not possible. ANYTHING is possible if you put your mind to it. If you sit around wasting your time it’s probably not possible but we at The Future Millionaire Society Model an Elevated Consciousness so improper usage of time is not an issue for us.

The cool part about having a variety of businesses that you are working with is that you have more variety to offer to people in the event that they initially decline your offer. One business may appeal to one person that may not appeal to another. This is just to get peoples feet wet because eventually they will be involved in all of the businesses that The Future Millionaire Society has to offer because they will understand the tremendous benefits and versatility that goes along with doing so.

A lot of people, mostly poor people, are scared of investing money so the idea of paying to start a business is frightening to them. Loads of people out there, when they hear of network marketing, they think of some pyramid scheme designed to rip you off. Do NOT let this discourage you, THIS IS AMAZING NEWS! The fact that people are ignorant to the wonders of network marketing is what TRULY makes this business model a GOLDMINE. Even though there are a number of people involved there are a MAJORITY of people who are not and they are WAITING to join your businesses. Once they are educated and have an understanding, people will be jumping head over heels to join The Future Millionaire Society. The beauty of it is while they are being educated you can offer them to take part in the affiliate program. I am going to cut people in on the profits of someone being recruited if they are the reason a person heard about the opportunity. While people are making money with the affiliate program and seeing first hand that the business works, they would constantly be reminded of how much they are losing out by not starting their own business and doing the recruiting themselves.

Working a number of businesses, to network marketers, is difficult because it is somewhat of a challenge juggling everything around when you are trying to recruit into the individual businesses. What makes it easier is instead of promoting a certain company you just promote The Future Millionaire Society. The name alone is going to catch people’s attention because most people, whether they want to admit it or not, want to be rich. They are going to want to learn how to become a Millionaire, what you have to do but most Importantly we are going to teach them How to Think aka The Elevated Consciousness. That is what is holding back most people, their own thoughts. So you just walk around promoting The Future Millionaire Society, go start your own with your own businesses (you can recruit me :D, I’m always looking to join a new business) and advertise and recruit your way to Success as you help people prosper.

As of right now I am involved in a company called 5linx which is a telecommunications business. They offer all sorts of services for businesses including my favorite, text marketing which is a wealth trend of The Future that we will be using to do a lot of recruiting and staying in contact with the people in our organization and clientele. They also offer energy which is an industry that is really going to TAKEOFF as people learn that they can get their power cheaper from other places. There’s a lot more they offer, if you would like to learn more please visit

Another company I am involved with is Motor Club America. I just recently joined and what drew me in, besides the wonderful benefits of being a member, is the fact that it cost $40 to sign up and you get $80 for each referral you sign up. This is a very cheap to join business that I will use to help people make money and see that network marketing works and give them the confidence to join the bigger businesses within The Future Millionaire Society. To join this opportunity

A great business that I am involved with is Instant Money Network which is very cheap to join Free-$20 and they pay you $20-120 for each referral you get. Companies see that their ads are getting ignored/fast forwarded on tv and radio so they are using those marketing dollars to pay to third party marketers to get ACTUAL RESULTS. Some people keep the offers which produces money for the companies and some forget to cancel before the trial period which also produces profit. That’s just so you understand where the money is coming from and how it is being made. If you would like to become a part of This Incredible opportunity.

Primerica is a company we are going to use to save people money on home/auto/life insurance, help them lower their debt, become financially knowledgeable and learn how to properly invest money. I like this one because it is relatively cheap to join but highly profitable. There are also a number of other services that they provide that I still need to learn about because I am fairly new.

Amway is a company that provides a number of health and beauty products and a WIDE variety of other things. They mainly provide products, not services. Once I get signed up with them I will add a link to my website and you can check it out or feel free to do your research and sign up with someone else. Makes no difference to me either way, were ALL going to be winning out here :).

Organo Gold is one that I just recently heard about a few days ago and one that I am VERY Excited about. They have some ingredient that helps make people healthier and they have infused it into their coffee. They also have other cool products and a very nice business model which I am looking forward to working with. I will be signed up soon once my friend gets back to Oakland and I will be able to provide more information on this opportunity.

These are just some of the businesses within The Future Millionaire Society. I also run a promotional company @UAPromotions on twitter and promote people and companies of ALL KINDS. I personally like to write, whether it be books, articles, music or poetry. I also like to make videos and entertain people. I feel that people should do what they love so even though we have all of this business knowledge and are going to be ridiculously wealthy people we should not be consumed by the thought of making money. We should do what we are passionate about and help as many people in the process. We are LITERALLY going to have our hands in EVERYTHING. Clothing companies and Record Labels are some of the first things on the list and of course a Media division like radio shows, tv shows and other things to keep people educated and entertained. 80-100% of the profits of just about every business I start within The Future Millionaire Society is going to go towards uplifting impoverished communities across The Globe to promote Peace and Equality for all. You are welcome to use the profits in your Future Millionaire to do whatever you like.

The number of businesses within The Future Millionaire Society is going to grow as we learn about more of the successful businesses out there and add them to the list.

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