How The Occupy Earth Revolution will be run. Win over The People by serving the community. NEVER disturb the peace!!!

First i want to say that i was watching videos from the last occupy movement and that is not how successfull protests are done. You dont attack police and destroy property, that doesnt even make sense. For us to be successful we have to win The People over. Disturbing the peace is NOT how you appeal to a large demographic.

Violence or destruction of property is something we will NEVER engage in. The moment you see or hear of that who claims to be involved with The Revolution is a red flag that that person is an infiltrator and we will distance ourselves from them.

The vision i had today is that we will have marches where we get large groups of people together and go around picking up trash off of Gods beautiful Earth. I know it sounds a little nasty but when you get done it makes you feel AMAZING because that brings you in tune with The Creator by respecting/preserving what is here. We will have people filming and they would be covered in advertisements showing their connection to us and promoting us. Some people’s job would be solely to carry flags and talk through loudspeakers. There would be a number of details but the basic idea is that the community would see us doing something that is helping them so they would have no choice but to support. Then you throw in The Future Millionaire Society and our numbers are going to grow exponentially. This Global Takeover is going to be very Ez because our love of people and The Planet is going to resonate with The People and they are going to join us instead of listening and following their corrupt dictator governments.

Ill wrap this up by leaving you all with the basics because theres a chance i might not be alive in the event they try to assassinate me or something. Just about every great black leader has been killed and thats why i say that, just the reality of the situation. 1. Yall have to use network marketing to work together to have the funds to build our new cities. This will also help a great deal with bringing new members into The Revolution who only want money. 2. NEVER destroy or attack anyone. Avoid people who do because they work for the 1% or are just fools looking to make trouble. 3. Do things that help the community. Clean up trash, host events like food and toy drives, overall just be good people. Help people out whenever they need help. This is how we are going to win over The People. Our Noble Principles we live by will be undeniable and people will flock to us. Another thing, DO NOT BE HYPOCRITES. For the love of God dont do the very thing you condemn because that just makes you look foolish and is a blow to your integrity and The Entire Revolution. 4. ALWAYS ADVERTISE in some form or another whether it be a sign, shirt, pin or flag or whatever make sure you are doing your part of promoting The Revolution until we bring Peace and Love to this primitive World.

Probably some stuff im missing but ill be sure to give yall more if anything new comes. Remember that leadership is a choice NOT a position. You MUST be the change you want in This World.

On a final note we will be hosting a toy drive. Im late with my promotion but it doesnt matter because theres no time limit and i actually want it to carry on until we provide toys to EVERY child living in foster care, group homes, you name it.

We are going to make this World a Better Place. God is on OUR SIDE and God no longer wants the suffering of life to carry on and the destruction of This Planet. I Love yall with my Heart and Soul. God Speed to all of you.

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