How i will kick off The Revolution. Occupy Earth. Rain CANT STOP ME.


First i want to say that i think that someone FINALLY caught on I’m about to put an end to their nonsense because my computer shut down like 5 times on me. Im used to it shutting down when the plug gets loose but it was shutting down while i was holding it in place. Found that to be weird but i cant be surprised by resistance on their part seeing as how i am a heluva threat by knowing about their plan to enslave us all and the fact that i have a number of solutions and the fact that the Power of God is driving me. Comical that they even try but who cares, ill just write from my phone from now on if need be.

I can’t even sleep because i am so ready for today. I keep having visions of what i need to do. My original plan of walking around with my huge signs will have to wait for a sunny day because i dont want to risk them getting messed up. I will use the sheets off my bed and create a flag or maybe even a few in fact i just realized im going to cover my body with signs made from the sheets. I have plenty of spray paint left over so that should be fun. Was thinking i would go around running one block and walking the next. While walking i would wave my huge sheet sign and at intersections i would yell “Occupy Earth The Revolution is Back.” I was only going to be on a calm smooth tip but seeing as how its going to be raining and my real signs arent too weather resistant im going to have to use my voice and the materials i have available to catch peoples eyes and ears to let them know that The Prophecy is REAL. People are going to think im a complete nutcase im laughing just thinking about it but once they see the website and realize what im doing they will be instant supporters unless they are like anti God or something, which is a very small minority.

Im just really excited because this is it. We just have to unite and end this nonsense of a small minority ruling over everyone. Literally makes absolutely NO SENSE. Its funny that its carried on so long to be honest because it has exposed itself as so Blatantly corrupt.

Want to end this article with something i was trying to explain to a fellow resident in my shelter. Ill spare the details. He was trying to argue that you should hit someone back if they hit you which i referred to as immature because you are returning the very thing that you condemn, violence. It literally makes no sense but this is how humans are raised. Needless to say this is of course one of the many reasons why This World is dysfunctional but The Revolution will put and to this foolery.

Lets take the you hit me i hit you logic and instead of fists we’re talking about nations with nuclear bombs capable of blowing up The Earth. I dont even need to continue but ill say this. Think about the other nations who are watching these lunatics kill each other. They’re beefing up their own arsenal living in fear ready to blow at any moment. This is The World we live in. People need to realize that the people in power arent there because they are smart, they’re just there because either 1. They were born into a certain family or 2. Are going along with the agenda of enslaving people and destroying The Earth. Once again God created ALL so inflicting suffering on others and laying waste to The Land is the most un-Godly thing to do. No mystery why many of those in power, the illuminati, bohemian grove, skull and cross bones etc are known as devil worshippers because they only lust for power instead of The Godly Act of preserving Humanity and The Planet.

Long story short This World makes no sense because of the unconscious leaders running things. They only care about themselves and if you look around at all the people living screwed up lives, its very clear. I dont call them dumb, even though they do remind me of the children i grew up with who always wanted to controthemselvesl other kids and only cared about themselves, because they are just spiritually dead/asleep.

I always like to think the best of people so I’m sure theyll wake up but if not it dont matter because well just beat them at their own game if they try to resist. This is The Revolution. This is OCCUPY EARTH.

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