Brief Summary of FMS, the Network Marketing department. How to Bypass the 1%/government and build our Own Cities. THROUGH UNITY we have POWER!!!!!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!





Figure I’ll explain a little bit about The Future Millionaire Society so all you people out there have a good idea about what is going on and how we are going to go about making loads of money besides the money that we get off of fund raising to build our Resource Based Economy cities. I already have explained this stuff in the business section under Ezology but it’s never too bad of an idea to have a nice fresh article on the topic. Originally there were 7 stages that I was going to have in FMS and depending on the new network marketing businesses that I learn about and come across that number may grow but until then there are just 7. I’m breaking down my whole business plan because I want people across The Globe to adopt these same strategies to see success. I don’t care about people stealing the idea (partly why I wasn’t going hard promoting this in NY) because either way people are going to know where it originated from and that will just strengthen OUR Cause.

You wouldn’t have to do the stages in any particular order but you did have to do a few before you could do others. One of the stages was getting your own personal business plan tailored to your interests and skills. Another stage was getting your own personal website to promote everything you have going on/whoever you know and any services that FMS has that would be placed on your website so you could earn extra income. In case you know little about making money off websites you can be a middle man for suppliers and customers and earn commissions that way, which is referred to as affiliate marketing. You can also have advertisements on the side of your website where people are just paying you solely because of the traffic you’re getting. Another cool thing is having a membership site where people pay a monthly fee because of the exclusive content you have available. There are A LOT of different ways to make money on the internet that we would help you get acquainted with but for the sake of this article we are just going to keep rolling. Those two stages wouldn’t be available until you did one of the other 5 stages which I will explain.

I will explain from the cheapest stage to the most expensive. There was our affiliate stage where you simply refer contacts you know and then you would be given like a 20% commission off of whatever was earned for the people that joined the organization. You would essentially be getting paid for doing nothing so it is very appealing to people who are frightened of network marketing. Now that I have no interest in money that percentage will be 50-75% to really get people on board because unity is more my concern instead of acquiring material wealth. I was going to have an app (and probably will once a designer comes along with the talent that supports The Occupy Earth Movement, which I can’t imagine will take a long time) but for now we will just do it manually. There is a little bit more that goes into the affiliate program but once again we need to keep this article moving. Another stage would be the internet affiliate marketing stage. At first I only knew about one but now I have like 3 and I’m sure there’s plenty more out there that I will learn about. To sum up this stage, it costs like $15-20 to sign up but companies are paying like $80-120 if you can get people to sign up for these trial offers. I’ll explain to you why/how they do this. TV commercials and radio commercials are on the decline so companies are looking for actual positive results when they spend on their advertising budget. The way they make money is some of the trial offers are actually cool and people stick around with them or people simply forget and get charged the monthly fee before they cancel. By being in The Future Millionaire Society we would give you a reminder on the day you have to cancel (you have to have the offer for at least 70-90% of the time, no cancelling right when you sign up that will make your account delinquent) and that is another reason we are going to be ridiculously popular. There is a lot to go on about this but basically this was the business of the 21st century but now we’re just going to put an end to business because it’s primitive. Until it comes to an end we are just going to make all of the money, taking it from the rich at their very own game. Well to be honest this is Gods Game because Network Marketing and the timing of it and the fact that I know all this stuff is just a testament to the shift in consciousness occurring because to really be successful at network marketing you have to really love people. There’s people who are good con artists and I’m sure have gotten by but often times ulterior motives are easily found out to the watchful mindful person. There is a lot to go on about this topic as well but we are going to keep this short and sweet for now, feel free to ask any questions if you have any.

The next three stages were similar so I’ll just explain them all at once. I’m not sure if I can even say their names but to be honest I don’t even care because a lawsuit would just give me exposure and make it easier to Take Over This primitive World and give The Power back to The People. Primerica was the company I was going to use for people to save money on home, auto and life insurance. They also show people how to invest money and reduce their debts. Really cheap company to get on board with, it was going to be my bread and butter. 5linx was another bread and butter for a # of reasons. They give you a BMW once you reach a certain rank in the company, a rank that someone got to in a month. A lot of people in FMS are going to be able to achieve that and many of you will have BMW’s if you choose. I personally don’t plan on stepping foot in a vessel powered by fossil fuels but seeing as I believe in Ultimate Freedom for people I’m not going to tell you what and what not to do. Hopefully 5linx has electric cars available then maybe I’d be interested in their offer so maybe I’ll give that as a gift to someone who has strong involvement in The Occupy Earth Revolution. They also give you a Bentley once you reach an even higher rank. 5linx has a lot of telecommunications services they offer but the one that I was going to use to really make me millions of dollars was the text marketing service they provide. I won’t go into text marketing (go research for yourself) but that is/was the NEXT BIG THING. Email marketing is on the decline and EVERYONE has a cell phone. The cool thing about text marketing is there are SO MANY business owners that don’t even know about it because they are stuck in the stone ages so it is/was going to be so ridiculously Ez to just go around and turning people onto this Golden Opportunity and reaping MASSIVE PROFITS. Funny how I was going to just use my knowledge of business as credentials for understanding This World but now I see I am actually going to have to put this stuff to use so we can build our own cities because we can’t wait around twiddling our thumbs waiting for the government/1% to do this stuff for us. We are going to use network marketing to TAKE OVER. There was also Amway, which many of you know about. In case you don’t they are known for their health products and makeup line, Artistry and Nutrilite. They give you discounts at big name major corporations but seeing as how we are not going to be shopping at big name corporations Amway has less use than the others but who knows health and makeup may appeal to a lot of people so I don’t doubt that it will help benefit FMS so we can get these cities off the ground.

I whipped this out pretty fast and I’m probably missing a lot but that’s just a basic guideline of The Future Millionaire Society, which is a HUGE part of The Occupy Earth Revolution. The simple fact is that until we abolish the money system we need to make sure we have the money and are feeding those starving and helping those in need. The point of us making all this money is not to drown ourselves in jewels and material crap that the 1% are doing. We are going to be Spiritually Enlightened and combat the destruction that unconsciousness is inflicting on God’s Beautiful Earth. While we are providing service to the people we will have a pool that goes to raising money for our first cities that we will build. I have a feeling that we are just going to have enough money immediately because of the HUGE support we are going to have but who knows it may take people a bit to realize that The World actually is supposed to end, just not in the literal sense of it being destroyed. I also have a number of other business strategies for other industries, which I will share but until I see the Network Marketing Portion pick up then we will save that for later. The basic theme with all of my/God’s business strategy is that we are going to UNITE as a PEOPLE and work together to put an END to tyranny. Either way I don’t care, because this is going to get done one way or another. This is The Golden Age of Man.

To the people who thought famine, war, and corporate slavery was going to carry on in this new millennium really has to start studying the stars and just get in touch with God. I will end it by saying this, God created ALL of this so to kill or destroy ANYTHING here is DIRECT DISOBEDIENCE to The Creator. Do you love the force that created you and want to preserve EVERYTHING here or carry on killing destroying and wasting? It’s a no brainer, Love Ya’ll and I can’t wait to meet you ALL.

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