Occupy Earth will begin December 21st in Oakland. It is time for this Primitive World to END.



I am feeling pretty good and confident about this next part of The Mission to Save This Primitive World from the destruction of ego consumed power hungry psychopathic “leaders.” I admit I was slightly unsure because I was expecting to go viral on youtube by now and have way more hits on my website but the few people that have looked over my work have not gotten it in their heads that This World really is supposed to end. Pain and suffering is not something that is supposed to plague This World forever, that doesn’t even make sense. Humans are far too advanced to carry on acting like savage barbarians clawing for scraps of meat in a jungle while a small group of people sit atop a tree growing fat while there are children starving and getting murdered. I wish the people around me shared my feelings, people have simply lost of their will to stand up against the monstrous powers in control aka corporations. They feel as if there is nothing we can do to combat their destructive behavior on Mankind and This Planet. Unconsciousness was not meant to destroy This World, that’s NOT how this works. The cool part is that even the lunatic leaders will benefit off of this system because they are far from God and I would assume they would be more interested in having a positive relationship with The Creator instead of being anti-God by destroying The People that were created and This Beautiful Planet that was created for EVERYONE and EVERYTHING to enjoy not just a small minority. Ego is something else to say the least.

The fact of the matter is that a united people can take down this oppressive system. They have been doing everything in their power to kill leaders throughout history who were advocating for peace because they know the power of people that collectively work together. There is a good chance that they kill me, my bodily form at least, but that CAN NOT stop you from carrying on with This Revolution. ALL OF YOU must step up and become leaders/models for the change that needs to be present in The World. The way I see it we can no longer rely on government to help us because they are funded by the very people working to destroy us. We will abide by the laws that they have in place but we will work to create our own Better World and they will have no choice but to follow because we are The People and without a group to leech off they would die so they will essentially have no choice but to follow us and learn to work in a cooperative society instead of like beasts in a jungle. This is not the most important thing that we need to do but we need to raise A LOT of money so we can start building the first cities that run as Resource Based Economies. We are going to collectively use our money to buy the land that we will use and hire construction workers to build. One way I was thinking would help build Global support and really get people inspired to help is to have the first city made to accommodate many of the children out there starving and living in danger zones getting bombed. Many people know that there are children starving and would like to do something about it but simply don’t know what. We will be that what and I’m sure we will get generous donations to our cause once they realize we are legitimately trying to help people. These children would be the experiment for the revolutionary education system I/other teachers will come up with that will work to really reach human potential.

Ideally I want a few different cities to commence building at one time because I want to cater to a variety of different languages while we work together to form a World Language because people not being able to understand each other just breeds detachment and isolation, which is something Mankind will be putting to rest through unity, empathy, love, cooperation, peace and synergy. In terms of location I was thinking that we would start in The Caribbean but depending on support we will be able to have these cities spring up ALL OVER THE WORLD. I’m thinking that they will spring up Everywhere because once we start getting attention Worldwide the idea of a Resource Based Economy will make perfect sense to people seeing as how humans can’t go on with this consumer nonsense which is leading people to put material wealth over humanity and filling up landfills because of the low quality products that are made to break to perpetuate the system. There are a number of other pitfalls due to the money system but seeing as how this article is already long, you are simply going to have to read other posts on the site because I have outlined a number of the insane things that humans are doing to slowly kill themselves and life dwelling here.

In terms of how we are going to do all of this we are essentially going to use corporate greed against them. Network marketing is/was The Future because that is the best way to market products to consumers. The cool part about all of this is the same mindset that leads one to become successful in network marketing is very similar to the new consciousness that is about to swarm across The Globe. My original plan was that I would give people back any money I make off of recruiting them into the businesses associated with The Future Millionaire Society. Instead of giving all I will probably give like 50-75% and use the rest for a pool that will go towards building a Resource Based Economy city. To run the city I would use the residual income I receive to provide food and materials for everyone. Other people involved in The Future Millionaire Society would aid me with the everyday expenses. The cool part is for the most part, these systems are going to be able to run themselves with little outside interference because we are going to be compulsive recyclers, farm our own food and be powered by the most high tech renewable energy known to man. These cities are going to be equipped with the LATEST TECHNOLOGY and will more than likely have excess energy left over to power neighboring cities. This will be another reason people would support their construction because who doesn’t want free energy? This whole paragraph is in the event that negotiation must occur and we are only able to start with one or a few cities but I’m still pretty sure that people are tired of being forced to work jobs that don’t like to make money so they can survive and we will just have a Global Resource Based Economy overnight. I’m hoping that there are more like me around The World who are about to blow up and spread the same message I am kicking but it doesn’t even matter.

The media (owned by the very corporations destroying This Planet and ALL life here), while although they might try to ignore me at first will have no choice but to eventually interview me and give me the National Exposure that I need which will just balloon into Worldwide coverage of The Occupy Earth Movement. The message that I bring is GODS MESSAGE to Mankind to stop living like fools and become civilized.

To wrap it up I’m pretty sure we will be able to gain enough Global exposure which will transform into Global support and we will be able to implement a Global Resource Based Economy. Unless you support children starving and getting bombed, the murder of civilians, being brainwashed by the media to make you dumb and feel insecure and forced to buy products that break to perpetuate consumerism, government officials who make laws to make themselves more powerful and the people weaker with less freedom, animal cruelty, the destruction of The Planet, child slavery to produce the cheap goods that are sold in many of these corporate stores, having your food poisoned with genetically modified organisms that are known for killing insects, and prisons made to enslave people so corporate powers can profit and simply put a pyramid system designed to benefit only those at the top with little regard for those at the lower levels then you support us, Occupy Earth.

If they assassinate me then it is YOUR JOB to CARRY THE TORCH because this high level of human insanity was not meant to carry on into the New Millennia. I have outlined a number of problems in This World, How to become Spiritual and Channel The God within you, and Solutions to put an end to this nonsense Mankind has been living under and accepted as normal behavior. I Love you ALL and I pray that humans will awake out of their deep sleep and rise to the occasion and work to create a BETTER WORLD.



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