Brief Bullet List of a # of Problems Plaguing This Primitive World and some Ez Simple Solutions.

Only One Solution, Shiny Lighted Solution Word, among a lot Prob

  • Instead of making a stronger effort to make renewable energy a regular way to power our things, corporations are still burning fossil fuels and coal which is destroying the environment. Climate change is a widely known issue and MUST be addressed or we will continue to see Mother Nature/God revolting against the madness that is plaguing Mankind. We have the technology to put an end to these primitive ways but because that isn’t profitable we are being pulled back into the age of insanity instead of moving forward with how Our World will operate in The Future.
  • Corporations are using human slavery to manufacture many of their products. This violates peoples natural human rights having to work some low wage/no wage job just to be able to barely survive.
  • Corporations advertise commercials that make people feel insecure about themselves which leads the masses to buy products that they don’t even need to satisfy their ego, which leads them to just go out and buy more because the ego is NEVER satisfied. To top it all off products are built of low quality and made to break fast leading the consumer to throw away what was bought and replace it with something better, something that usually comes out within like a few months because that is how fast technology advances.
  • The Education system is piss poor in this country and many parts of The World. Students are not taught essential human rights issues and about Science and Technology, the very subjects that are driving Our World and issues that should be known by each and every single citizen. People are growing up not knowing very basic concepts about leadership, which will help the population supervise themselves instead of feeling the need to be regulated by some authority. Leadership needs to instill a culture of constant learning and teaching so people are working with each other to remain intelligent and promote intelligence instead of just the love of money, which cuts off a huge piece of our brain. I’m only speaking for myself but ever since not worrying about money and not caring or feeling bad about myself when I see someone with more material wealth I feel free from the chains that used to have me feeling insecure, instead of in the accumulation of material wealth I now find my pleasure in the work I produce that is helping making This World a better place and when I am reading/learning about The World that I plan on helping lead to a Better Future. There is a lot wrong with the education system and I recently posted a article that I would invite you all to read because Education is another one of my TOP PRIORITIES because that is our Future in terms of our kids as well as the advancement of our people and us reaching our Max Potential as human beings.
  • There is more than enough food in this World but not even enough money to buy it all. A child is starving every 5 seconds and that is just NOT ACCEPTABLE for a World that considers it civilized. This is barbarous and the rules of the jungle prevail in This World not Humanity. People are walking around flaunting jewels and money with no concern for the fact that people are dying because they can’t even afford food to eat. Really makes no sense to me.
  • Corporations and bankers are profiting off of war. People never want war but there is usually an event that unites the nation to accept war as a means of retaliation, which is NEVER the right answer to solving disputes because it just begets more violence. Someone hits you and you hit them back which leads to you getting hit again and so on and so forth. It is madness but this is how most people go about trying to remedy their problems and there is no wonder why there is so much pain and destruction prevalent in This World. To prove my point and this is in the Zeitgeist movement videos, The Lusitania was sent into enemy waters that contained German submarines and sank, which led to the American people being ok with entering World War 1. The American leaders antagonized the Japanese and were well aware of their attack but did nothing to prevent it because they wanted to enter into World War 2. There was something that was done to get support for the Vietnam war as well but that is beyond my memory at this moment but just know that some attack was staged to get support. And the most recent war we are involved in “the war on terror” got its support from the Twin Towers being knocked down. Bush had many investments in the Carlyle group, which made A LOT of money after that event. Another thing to keep in mind is that Bin Laden’s brother who was living in Boston moved out of the country like a day before the attack. This makes it blatantly obvious that leaders knew about the impending attack and it was planned to get the nation in an uproar and actually have people pleading for war. Whenever these attacks on the nation occur of course military recruitment sky rockets and any people who are pacifists and oppose war are deemed unpatriotic. You really have to love being called unpatriotic because you don’t support the insanity of hitting someone back after they hit you which just leaves the invitation wide open to get hit again and perpetuate human insanity.
  • A scientist in Canada discovered a potentially cheap cure for Cancer but because drug companies don’t view his cure as profitable they haven’t given him additional funding to carry on with his research. This leads to a huge issue with the entire medical industry, which is ran for profit not actually helping people. Drugs have huge side effects and people end up relying on the drugs because they become addicted to them. More money is spent on putting patches on what goes wrong with people instead of prevention.
  • Soda/fast food/candy any other crap that you can think of is sold by companies because it is profitable but harming our population. I know you may love some of that stuff but imagine if you grew up never even knowing what it was. How could you love something that you never had? We need to break this cycle of insanity and start raising our children to be healthy instead of getting them addicted to insanity that is slowly killing them. That is how The Future will be run because obesity is just getting out of control and it’s simply NOT HEALTHY to be ingesting the nonsense that people are accustomed to eating.
  • Animals are treated like they are not life. A spirit flows through them like you and me. Just because they mental thought processing isn’t as advanced DOES NOT mean that the Essence of God doesn’t flow through them. It makes absolutely no sense that people, because of ego, have placed themselves as more important than other creatures. It really is sick how animals are treated on This Planet. They are tortured and live on top of each other in their own piss and shit and then those same creatures that were treated horribly and slaughtered violently are served to you on a plate!! You are what you eat and a lot of people are eating enslaved animals and don’t even realize that they themselves are enslaved by the very corporations who are enslaving these animals.
  • Money is the cause of inequality in this society which leads to people being jealous/envious of those with more which leads to crime being committed because people are trying to “catch up.” This is often justified because the people “with” cut a number of corners of their own to get to where they got so the mindset is “you have to cut a few people down to get to where you want to get.” People are very materialistic and putting material wealth over humanity, which is just completely friggin insane. I understand it because I myself used to be materialistic but it is INSANITY nonetheless and people are willing to actually kill and destroy The very Earth that we live on to reap the almighty dollar.
  • Trees that we need to breathe are just being torn down to make toilet paper and other paper products that people treat with no respect. They don’t even have the decency to recycle the paper. We are using trees to wipe our ass and clean up stains when we could be using another means to get the job done and still preserve Gods Beautiful Earth. Trees are here and of course we can use them but trees are made to last for a long time so the products that are made out of them should also be made to last for a long time not just discarded after a one time use. It does not make sense to me.
  • The system is designed to benefit only those at the top and those at the bottom are just left to fend for themselves. The crazy part about it is because the people “on top” are so ego consumed they live by the same jungle rules and that’s why it just trickles down through the rest of society. Laws are put in place to keep the people at the bottom in place because poor people breaking the same rules that rich people are breaking doesn’t make any sense to law makers. Essentially if you have money you can do anything the hell you want in This World. Proper leadership makes laws obsolete because people just know that their leaders are doing EVERYTHING that will benefit their best interests so people don’t feel a need to cut corners to get to where they need because they have their needs already met. This is a very competitive barbarous society and it makes little sense when even the simplest of minds put a little bit of thought into how things work and are interconnected. We need a Global Resource Based Economy because that will be a clear sign to people that the system is working to help them so violating a system that is helping you would literally make absolutely ZERO SENSE. There would actually be quite the opposite of an effect, people would be jumping head over heels to participate and help the system prosper.
  • There are all kinds of gmo’s (genetically modified organisms) in our food that is made to kill insects. So if it is made to kill insects does that sound like something healthy that should be digested by your system? It is really sick what is going on.
  • Kids grow up with violence being pumped into them as early as they can remember. The toys they play with and the shows they watch on TV promote killing and competition. These corporations know they have to get people when they are young and that is why they do this. They are training our children to either 1. Go to war 2. Go to jail 3. Be numb to death and indifferent to destruction and ultimately just engage in the very insanity that is bringing Mankind down. Really some sick and twisted stuff and once again, to make the almighty dollar.
  • The political system doesn’t make any sense. Politicians are funded by the very multi-national corporations who are wreaking havoc on society. So to think that politicians are going to help you with your problems and they are getting funded by the very organizations that are conspiring to see you fail is just absurd. At this point politicians and government it-self is just a show that is put on to give the illusion of freedom and protection. They spread lies and propaganda to keep you suppressed and go behind your back and screw you over. In terms of obama he was funded by the same multinational corporations romney was so it really didn’t matter who wins between the two of them. Either way the corporations are going to get their way. The funny thing about the whole presidential election is that they are given pre scripted questions to answer and this is because most of the issues the two of them actually agree on. Drone attacks killing children would never be an issue in a political debate because both of them are ok with that. It’s just really sad when you think that the system screwing you over is going to help you but that is how most Americans and just most people across The World think. Keep in mind that obama, as of right now, has dictatorial powers and can indefinitely detain and kill you if he wants. Remember when obama got into office and the first thing he did was bail out the banks, the people who were screwing everyone out of mortgages and engaging in all sorts of other white collar crime. That should have been the clue whose side he was on but many people myself included were still just awed by the fact that we had a black president. Another thing to keep in mind is that a number of the bogus programs bush put in place were not eliminated when obama came into power. That alone is a HUGE red flag because what happened to the whole “change” campaign. Bunch of rubbish thats all it was. Also remember how when he was running he was calling for all kinds of peace and what not but since being in office obama has bombed like 4 countries. Doesn’t really sound like how a Nobel Peace Prize winner acts. Another big thing to keep in mind about obama is that even though he is a democrat, if you study his career as a senator he tended to always vote very right wing. Obama was picked because they knew he would go along with the corporate agenda that was started in the 1930’s to go about instilling their new world order but the problem is that people are going to awake and put an end to their nonsense because it’s too difficult to go about lying to people and for people to go on believing the bull when it’s so BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that they are getting screwed over. There is a lot to go on about in terms of politics and how government makes no sense at this point in human development but just know that they make laws to boost themselves up and keep people down. Yes they make throw some bones with some gristle on them often times bones with the illusion of gristle on them but they do that just to keep the masses asleep and thinking that they are ok and necessary. They are a parasite on this society. The #2 definition of a parasite according to is a person who receives support, advantage, or the like, from another or others without giving any useful or proper return, as one who lives on the hospitality of others. We have the option of one completely voting out government once we instill a Global Resource Based Economy or at least taking an interest in who our leaders are because the current ones just aren’t cutting it. We still kind of have a democracy even though it’s more fascism but because of the corporate power it is more of an inverted totalitarianism as Chris Hedges puts it but we need to unite as a People and make right out of all this wrong that is ruining The World.
  • The media is the tool they use for their brainwashing. They pump stories of death and destruction to keep you in fear. They spread propaganda to keep you pumped up and supporting the very things that are working with brutal efficiency to aid in your failure. TV is an amazing tool just not for what it is being used for. Instead of commercials promoting insecurity the time in between shows should be educational so people can grow smarter and we can progress as a species. As of right now TV is doing a heluva job at keeping people glued in their seats and growing as dumb and humanly possible. Why would the people in power want a smart population that figures out their nonsense and works to put an end to it because anyone who takes the time to analyze all the facts can easily tell that this crap makes NO SENSE?
  • Prisons and mental asylums are springing up because of this dysfunctional society. Instead of attempting to fix acute problems we need to fix the chronic issues plaguing Our World. We need to fix the problem right from the start and make sure pregnant mothers bringing New Life into This World are being treated with the most love and care and living lives of ULTIMATE SERENITY so that the baby fetus is feeling very relaxed and expecting a World of Beauty and Abundance. Children need to be raised by the community so they feel that EVERYONE has an interest in them and is looking out for them, which will lead them to adopt the same mindset that the people they look up to have. As of right now kids are looking up to selfish materialistic people who are inflicting pain and suffering on others and then people are wondering why people are going around doing such craziness. The answer is very simple. It is the collective mindset of the average person that is the root of the problem. That problem is ultimately ego/the state of consciousness, which is on the verge of changing because this madness isn’t supposed to carry on. The Gods that walked The Earth thousands of years ago understood The Universe and knew all about the stars and the different ages that comes every like 24,000 years. 2012 is a year of change and even though it may not happen in 2012, I feel it is going to happen very soon after and I will also go to assume that millions of others like myself have woke up in the year 2012 and realize that this crap just AINT WORKING. The blueprint for a better World has already been created by The Great Jacque Fresco so now it’s time for people to unite and force our leaders to instill the system that makes sense. Children are getting bombed!!! Nations are competing beefing up their military force and making more and more bombs so that they can “defend themselves.” Why the hell are we fighting against each other when we could be working together and living peacefully like civilized beings are supposed to do. We live in a sick society run by unconscious beings with weapons of mass destruction going around fighting each other to accumulate natural resources that could just be evenly distributed to ALL WHO NEED but because of corporate greed some feel that they must have more than others. The whole problem we have is there is so much ego, which is the cause of many of our problems. Once again it is just really sad how simple the answer to our problems are but these psychopathic maniacal leaders MUST attain Spiritual Enlightenment and wake up from their ego crazed frenzy and see the logic and reason of a Global Resource Based Economy.
  • They are doing everything in their power to limit the internet because they know that is a threat to them because people can actually find out The Truth and find it out pretty easily. Being ignorant in this world, these days, is a choice. Indifference will not exist in The Future because people will know that EVERYTHING IS GOD so allowing anything to just be destroyed or wasted would be an open defiance to God and ultimately not accepted by the person or anyone else. Humans have strayed far from the path of God and that is why there is so much suffering currently in This World. Once humans find God then they will live lives of PROSPERITY, ABUNDANCE and WE WILL ALL THRIVE.

I wrote this in like 45 minutes so there’s probably some things I missed but this is a good overview of the nonsense going on in This World and some of the solutions that I have been writing about that will eventually be implemented because the current systems DO NOT WORK.

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