Quick tip on How to be a Genius. Care about EVERYTHING think about more problems brainstorm more solutions and BOOM GENIUS MODE.


People admire/look up to people who believed and lived their life like anything was possible but refuse to adopt the same Genius mindset as their own because they view themselves as inferior. This thinking is obsolete. Once you go about thinking that you don’t have power and that mediocrity is only possible then that is exactly what will result because thoughts manifest into reality. Setting a goal like getting a house and a job and a car and just going to work every day is very boxed thinking and will lead you to live a life of no significance in the grand scheme of things. Ok so you are personally “well off” and your family may be but what about everyone else? If you are saying screw everyone else then you are essentially putting yourself at the center of The World, you being the most important entity that is. So if you said screw them do you believe you are the center of The Universe? If you are saying yes then you have a serious ego problem and I would suggest you start learning about Spiritual Enlightenment because it will feed your starved spirit and ultimately lead to your Happiness because it is a very unnatural Un-Godly thing to do to only care about self when Nature was designed by God to work together. Once again I will say that it is scientifically proven to enhance intelligence and extend Life when one cares about EVERYTHING and there is a special joy that is felt when you engage in actions that benefit The Whole and not just self. Being intelligent, healthy and happy is something you probably are striving for so opening up your mind to the concerns of others in This World will really benefit you in more ways than one to say the least.

Ill relate this next piece to my own personal situation because before I had a clear vision of what needed to be done in This World people were calling me bipolar and Grandiose because of my HUGE plans for my life. It’s just comical that someone who has plans to battle people being homeless, starvation and the environment being destroyed is viewed as a crazy person in This World plagued by insanity. On top of that I was planning on becoming a billionaire, a very realistic goal once you understand network marketing, the businesses I was involved in and the selfless marketing approach I was going to apply to my recruiting strategy. It’s kind of funny because I was a genius before I even realized I was a Genius and that is because my plans with business which turned into plans of activism always had EVERYONE in mind and that mindset just had me thinking on a whole different frequency, which is why I was thought of as “crazy” to the average ego consumed individual. And I’m still thought of as crazy now that I’m covered in signs, which is sometimes annoying but meditation and the fact that I know people will soon realize what I’m doing keeps me cool because it will soon come to light how far from crazy what I’m doing. The sacrifices you have to make to get your message out there. Humility and Fierce Resolve, I want you all to keep that in mind while you are out there crusading against this thick ignorance throughout this society. I know it seems like a daunting task but we MUST KEEP PUSHING and shining our light on This World or else it will be overran with darkness.

I say all of this because I want YOU ALL to think HUGE because it is going to lead your mind to become very innovative and progressive. Don’t be afraid if the conformists view you as a little crazy, that’s how it’s going to appear at first but then after a little while it’s going to be very clear how smart you are because you will have a broad/deep understanding of EVERYTHING going on in The World because your thoughts have SO MUCH MORE IN MIND. DO NOT live inside the box the corporate powers want you to linger in. They want people to be stupid to prevent competition/opposition. Think outside the box and we will start tapping into all that meat in our brains that isn’t being used!!!

I’ll wrap this one up for now, basically your thoughts need to keep EVERYTHING in mind. That is the mindset of a Spiritually Enlightened person. Actions are taken that benefit The Whole not just an individual component which is ego thinking. We must transfer from ego thinking to eco thinking and that is when we will start reaching our potential as human beings. Care about more, think about more problems, brainstorm more solutions and BOOM then you’re a Genius. It’s really beautiful how simple it is.

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