Crossroads Shelter We MUST STAND TOGETHER to have STRENGTH and POWER.

Team Of 8 Blue People Holding Up Connected Pieces To A Colorful

It’s kind of funny how I have been walking around for like 4 days with signs covering my body advertising my website and most people here still have not a clue as to what I do. If you are reading this then it is clear that I’m not just some guy trying to be a rapper. The thought of going around imposing my will igniting people to action, because I see so many people just sitting around not doing anything with their life, has came to mind but it goes against what I believe in terms of leadership. I feel I simply have to model the behavior that should exist, not go around barking orders. Every time you see me I’m working on my computer making positive change in This World by shining a light on the madness going on. I have put the knowledge right in front of people with the signs that I wear. In the event you are reading this I actually want to applaud you for taking the initiative to check out what is going on. As much as it saddens me on one level that there are people just wasting their life away and being indifferent to all of the suffering plaguing This World, I don’t like people interrupting and telling me what to do when I haven’t asked for their opinion so I can’t go around doing that because it would be hypocritical to what I believe.

One thing that I have said in a previous article I’ve written is that I don’t want you to think in terms of this being my website but rather as OUR website. I want to put ALL of you on the website kicking game that will help other people or promoting any of ya’ll work. The other side of it is that once I blow up, I am going to take ALL of you around The World with me. I don’t think in terms of self in anything that I do. I always have EVERYONE in mind and their best interests. It has been my dream for some time to travel The World and I would imagine that it is many of you alls dream as well. We need to work together and stop viewing ourselves as detached from society because individually we are weak but together we are STRONG. I want all of you to do ya’ll best. It’s just sad when I smile at someone and I get a blank stare. I figure I let ya’ll know that I understand how people’s minds work very well so just by body language and facial expressions I know conceptually what is running through your head. It’s not that amazing of a power seeing as ego isn’t that complex to read once you understand how it operates. If these signs covering my body were so I could become rich and famous and say f everybody then yes that would make me an asshole and the standoffishness I have been receiving from some would be understandable. But that is NOT the case. I want ALL of you to leave Legacies of LASTING GREATNESS. It is NEVER too late to do so and I am going to help make that possible for all of you. In the event you are reading this then you MUST help spread the word that this is OUR website and that Q is doing something to benefit EVERYONE. I talk and enlighten people who ask questions but usually I’m so busy working so going around informing people about what is going on isn’t too realistic considering my calm relaxed way of doing things. If you are reading this then it is literally your job to help spread the word through the shelter about the content on this website or at least this post that you are reading. You all are going to be leaders in The New World being built solely because of your close contact with me and The Knowledge/Power that I am going to willingly going to give ALL of you.

Once I get a bike, if you can help me get one that would be AWESOME, I am going to ride around The Bay/California advertising our website. I also need some BIGGER BETTER signs because my current signs are sloppy and busted. It was not my intention to come out looking so low budget but I can’t let my desire for perfection get in the way of getting this job done. I asked my dad to help me but he refused because he doesn’t believe in me. I’m hoping that some of you believe in me and my desire for ya’ll to excel. It’s not too far-fetched to believe, especially after you see some of the videos I have made and the articles I’ve written on The Present World and The Future that I am going to BLOW UP BIG TIME WORLDWIDE. I have a firm belief that this ride around The Bay/California is going to give me the exposure that I need to blow up in this country, which will PLAGUE across The World. Once that happens we are going to unite The People of This World and provide healthcare, education, food and housing for EVERYONE. There are a number of other beautiful things that will result but I figure I just name the big ones that you can all relate to because those are essential things that people need and deserve to have from birth. The fact that we are living like animals in a jungle clawing for scraps of meat is PRIMITIVE. We need to work together, which will lead to Mankind progressing at a much more rapid pace because of the simple logic that more straws is stronger than one.

Another easy way to assist in our trip around The World is telling EVERYONE you know about our website because we need to open as many peoples eyes as possible because the logic is simple and impossible to argue against. We need to stop killing each other and destroying The Planet.

I love all of you and I want to see YOU ALL do ya’ll BEST. We have to STAND TOGETHER because TOGETHER we are UNSTOPPABLE.

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