A bullet list of some of my new habits that I have applied to my life to BREAK FREE of insanity. Signs are NOT leaving body until I see a Global Resource Based Economy.



  • Never touching money. People kill for money. Money breeds inequality, which breeds jealousy, envy, hate and ultimately crime. The money system is obsolete. Global Resource Based Economy.
  • I am a vegan now because I believe Animals were made by The Creator, which means they carry The Essence of God in them, which makes them Gods. On top of that too many animals are living in HORRENDOUS conditions and because I can’t tell if what I am eating was treated like a piece of crap I have decided to leave all meat and animal products in my past. I am not going to impose by beliefs on other people but in The Future if people do still decide to eat meat it will be free range and they will have lived Beautiful lives not treated worse than slaves living on top of each other in their own piss and shit. That is APPALLING!!!!!!
  • I don’t kill any living creature/insect because they carry the essence of God, unless it is something trying to do harm to me like a mosquito or something that can actually kill you. Self preservation is very important but the senseless act of destroying Gods creations does not make any sense to me.
  • Never touching jewels. People have been killing for this stuff as well since like the beginning of time. It is very immature to be attracted to jewels because you know that people kill for this stuff so the love of it is perpetuating insanity. Oooh it’s shiny, like c’mon now are people 3 years old? In The Future jewels will be appreciated for their beauty but the pursuit of them will not exist because people will know how much death was caused when they were put on a pedestal.
  • Never touching paper towels or toilet tissue. I believe trees are for breathing not wiping up stains followed by being immediately thrown away and wiping shit from ass. There are reusable clothes and fibers that we can be using. The use of paper towels and toilet tissue is destroying forests and slowly killing us. It is INSANITY. When it comes to using the toilet, I simply take a shower right after. I use a cloth for what I would have used paper towels for or I simply dry my hands on my jeans.
  • When they give me plastic utensils, I no longer throw them away after use. I’m going to start collecting them and use them later on/recycle them.
  • Never stepping foot in a store that sells goods. I want to see a Global Resource Based Economy so stores go against what I believe.
  • Never stepping foot in a vessel powered by fossil fuels. They will soon no longer exist (and the burning of them pollutes the environment) so I figured I would hop out the car speeding into the brick wall and start steering another direction.
  • When I’m in the streets I’m either cleaning up trash or running. This shows people that I am not indifferent to the garbage on the streets and that there is a sense of urgency. The exception to this will be when I get a bike and ride around The Bay/California advertising. The problem with human insanity is they see someone who isn’t insane and actually loves The Earth and that is viewed as crazy. Because those two days bending down every 5 seconds cleaning up trash for hours had such a toll on my body I see that it is unrealistic to go around all of Oakland doing that especially considering that most people will just view me as some type of lunatic. I figure riding around is going to get the word more out there and once people visit the website they will see how far from a madman I am and just how much I CARE about The Preservation of This Planet and ALL Life here.
  • No sex until I see a Global Resource Based Economy.
  • Never going to have more stuff than the “lowest member” of society until equality is prevalent.
  • Not taking signs off my body until a Global Resource Based Economy is instilled.

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