Crossroads Shelter. Don’t project your ego onto others. That leads to tunnel vision. OPEN UP your mind to NEW POSSIBILITY.


The mindset that I’ve observed that is prevalent in here is very negative. I’m not claiming to be some like thorough mind reader but it is easy to tell what a person thinks solely off of their body language, their use of eye contact/shying away from eye contact, and how they talk to people/talking about people behind their back. To summarize the general mindset in here and I got this vibe within like hours of stepping foot in the facility, that is how HARD it is flowing and bringing everyone down essentially. “Oh you’re in here, well there MUST be something wrong with you.” Staff is where this is flowing the hardest and because they are essentially the leaders in the building this mindset manifests in all of the residents as far as I can tell. I just want to say there are a number of exceptions, I’m just describing a general theme I’ve observed. People view other residents with a “this guy can’t benefit me so screw him I’m just going to ignore him.” I’ll explain why this makes absolutely no sense. 1. You don’t know everything about everyone. Just because they are in a shelter does not mean they are crap to The World. People go through stuff and sometimes fall off but that doesn’t mean they are going to stay on the ground beaten. People go through ups and downs so seeing people when they are down and assuming they are going to stay down literally makes absolutely no sense. 2. Someone could have a lot to offer you solely off of their experiences. Even if they don’t have necessarily what you want they could provide some insight on how to get to where you want to go. Learning from other peoples mistakes is something that can save you a lot of time in your life.

There is a very selfish mindset prevalent as well. Don’t get personally offended because this selfish mindset is prevalent throughout The Whole World and that is why there are so many problems. The problem with the selfish mindset aka ego is that its projects its selfishness onto others. I’ll explain to you why this is dangerous. The ego will assume that someone who really loves and cares for everyone is selfish and not want to have anything to do with that person. So now you are blocking out someone from your life who could be helping you out a lot. Because the ego is so focused on self the mere thought of someone who has the best interests of EVERYONE in mind is just inconceivable to it. That doesn’t even make sense to it and that is because the ego doesn’t make sense. It sees The World through a very narrow lenses. How could you possibly build a better Future if you are always projecting the past on any new idea. Learning from the past is an awesome thing to do but when your negative past clouds your vision of The Future, that is when you have a serious problem because everything you see is blurry lacking the clarity that is attained through Spiritual Enlightenment aka Taming your ego and Loving The Whole.

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