Habits Matching Principles. Leaders MUST have INTEGRITY. Trust is what is missing in this torn World.


Habits matching principles is a very important part of being a solid leader that people trust. Trust is just about the strongest thing to have in a relationship. When there is trust, someone can make in error in terms of what was said but due to the trust a person will have understanding as to what was really meant because they know where the persons mind is at. The problem with this society is there is no trust. Everyone thinks everyone has an ulterior motive and is “out to get them.” This is another reason why this World is so torn apart and once again this stems from poor leadership. Even though people don’t fully know the extent of how they are getting jerked, they subconsciously know that they are getting jerked by the leaders in charge of things. This is something that can be easily seen in the systems alone that govern The World. Its basically a conform (only worry about yourself and care not for others) or were locking you in jail (for your crime or trying to expose our corrupt nonsense) type of mindset thrust onto everyone. People are conditioned to not trust others, even taught from parents that The World is a cold place. Once again this World makes absolutely no sense.

I just recently wrote an article about how a system needs to be designed that benefits EVERYONE not just the people on top because that will foster an environment of trust and cooperation from ALL LEVELS until equality is prevalent in this torn World so Mankind can progress so I wont go into all the details about that again because its just a few posts down. This article is mainly about habits matching principles. I wanted to share with you some of the habits I have recently put into my life and why. I don’t touch money because the use of money is the very thing that I am going to extinguish from This World. The reason for that is people kill for money and the use of money breeds inequality which breeds crime and suffering. The use of money makes no sense and in case you don’t know about a Global Resource Based Economy there are millions out there who already support this system. All of the people starving and getting bombed also support this system even if they haven’t heard of it so basically the support is actually in the billions. In all honesty the only people that oppose the system are the 1% that “reign supreme” and fear losing their power. If you are not one of the 1% and you stand strong to the money then you are simply brainwashed. You revere the very chains enslaving you. The funny thing is the 1% is enslaved by the chains as well because their ego will NEVER have enough money and power. Its funny how the love of money holds any who feel that way towards it captive. Money is very unnatural, the pursuit of it is very selfish. We are meant to benefit everyone, that satisfies our spirit not making our pockets bigger while others suffer. Once again people are just far from God and that’s why they think money is going to bring them happiness instead of helping the people out there starving, getting bombed and preventing Mother Nature, Gods Earth from being ravaged by mindless consumption. I wrote a little more than I thought I would but that’s how it goes when you get into something that you care about. I want this World to prosper and the use of money is one of the primary things holding it back.

I don’t touch paper towels anymore because the use of them doesn’t fully make sense to me. There are others materials, mainly cloth that could be used to clean up stains that can be washed and reused. Why are trees getting torn down to clean up a mess and then discarded in the trash to fill up a landfill. Doesn’t fully make sense to me and that is why a few days ago I put contact with them to rest. Its been a good week or so that I haven’t touched toilet paper with the same logic. We need trees to breathe so why are we using them to wipe the shit off of our ass? Doesn’t really make sense to me and that’s why I just shower after I use the toilet. In the Future I envision having toilets that spray water on our butts or something and having cloths that would be used to dry your butt in the event you are at a public restroom. The use of toilet paper is very primitive and destructive to Gods beautiful Earth. Trees, if torn down should be put to LONG LASTING purpose because trees are meant to last for a long time. Furniture, boats and construction are a few things that come to mind. Tearing trees that are hundreds of years old to wipe up stains and wipe crap from ass that are then discarded makes absolutely no sense to me and that is why I can never go back to that insanity I was conditioned to follow.

Another habit I have adopted is cleaning up trash in the streets or running. I don’t want people looking at me and thinking other than this guy is SERIOUS. People must feel the sense of urgency PUMPING off of me to help them WAKE UP and realize that someone is working their ass off to change this madness plaguing This World. It’ll be a little different once I get the bike and start riding around the entire Bay Area but that will serve a person in it of itself, which is getting the word out. People think so selfishly and are consumed by ego that they view everyone else as being selfish. They can’t even conceive that a person has The Greater Good in mind. I heard a number of murmurs “he’s crazy” around here in the hood I live and that’s what made me realize that I need to just ride around and get some people who have some sense to see me and check out QEzMoneyFMS.com and realize THIS IS NOT A FRIGGIN GAME. Even though I will do this until I die if I have to, I don’t believe it is going to take long for me to blow up and once I have the limelight I am going to spread Logic and Reason aka Gods Word and set This Primitive World straight. Humans are speeding into a brick wall and are so unconscious they are arguing where they are going to sit. I really do pray someone reading this realizes that this way DOES NOT WORK. People are homeless, starving, getting bombed, the environment is being destroyed, people are in jail, animals are being tortured and people are just overall not giving a damn about each other or what The Creator made which has billions of people feeling unhappy because it is very unnatural to not care about the very force that created you! This insanity is not supposed to carry on into 2013. I didn’t believe into 2012 until I had The Revelation in the summer time to unite The People of This World and I’m not asking you to believe. What I am asking you to believe is that Mankind is COOCKOOO and WE MUST DO EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER to WAKE THEM UP from the dream state that is laying waste to the Life that dwells here. Please for The Love of God spread the word about a Global Resource Based Economy, The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project, this website, empathy, peace, love, cooperation, unity and Synergy. There is a better way possible!!! Free yourself from insane thinking, stop disrespecting your soul by not caring about what The Creator made. THIS IS SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW SO WE CAN CREATE A BETTER WORLD!!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forgot to add this in the original post but I also will never step foot in a vessel powered by fossil fuels because the burning of that substance not only pollutes the environment but is soon not going to exist so it doesn’t make sense to use it anymore. The people in control of the car companies and the oil companies have ZERO concern for the environment, Mother Nature aka God and that is why they continue their unconscious actions. I will take no part in their insanity. I will walk, bike and ride trains or get transported in electric cars until everyone with a license has an electric car of their own. I forget the details of what Jacque Fresco proposed but we we need to have a system where the cars are like powered by satellite so they can never crash into each other because FAR TOO MANY people die from auto accidents each year and it is something we can eliminate from The New World seeing as we have the technology available to make something of the sort possible. The problem is the people in charge only have their personal interests in mind and not The People. Crazy that humans have let their leaders carry on with some ruthless indifference for so long and there is kind of a Democracy in place, even though its more of what I would call Inverted Totalitarianism aka Fascism. The problem is they are keeping people dumb, not teaching leadership so you just have a bunch of conformists perpetuating the insanity that is slowly destroying themselves. Its really sad……

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