How to get closer to The Creator. Guy cleaning up God’s Beautiful Earth Omg he MUST be a lunatic. Breaking down the asinine thinking of the ego in humans.


So I just got done from my first of cleaning up trash with my body covered in signs and I’m exhausted to say the least. I got offered a job because of my diligent work lmaoo, if only they knew I don’t touch money. Its funny because once you understand ego, you can literally read peoples’ minds solely off their facial expressions lol, it really is kind of cool. I would suggest you learn about ego and then not only will you be able to tame yours but then you see it in others and aren’t affected when people ego trip and you then of course have the ability to teach people about their ego to help put an end to the insanity Mankind is lingering in. In case you are new to the site, the ego is that voice in your head telling you to only worry about yourself and f everything else. Very immature self destructive thinking seeing as Nature and humans were designed to work together so viewing yourself as separate from everything else makes absolutely ZERO sense to someone who believes in The Laws of Nature aka God. I wont make this an ego article but in the event this sounds interesting check out the Master Your Mind section under EzOlogy or check the videos on spiritual teachings.

Seeing as I could see the thoughts in peoples’ heads just by their eyes I figured I write this article because I feel it is necessary for this to get out there. I was thinking of how crappy the education system is while I was out there cleaning. Everyone grows up with this “get a job” thinking which doesn’t make sense on a variety of different levels but I want to break down how this mentality weakens the people. You have people growing up believing that they can-not start something of their own. In this society when you start your own business everyone thinks you’re going to fail. In a World where everyone is working against each other not with each other, it is no wonder that 45% do happen to fail. I wont turn this into a business is obsolete article because it breeds detachment but just know that business is obsolete….

So now lets delve a little deeper into all of this. The people at the top want more workers for their businesses not people competing with them for supremacy. I say at top because that’s how society is structured right now but spiritually they are at the bottom. When you have the power to end world hunger and you have the power to end Gods Beautiful Earth being destroyed then spiritually you are asleep, which leads to very little – no real power. Basically the leaders as of right now are not empowering their people to strive for Excellence. People grow up striving for mediocrity. This makes absolutely no sense. People know full well that were not using more of our minds and it is because of poor leadership. Leadership is once again the key to ALL of the problems of this World to put it simply. They are fully aware of that and that is why people grow up not knowing a lick about Leadership. People don’t want to go about starting they own business because they know nothing about leadership and creating an organization because education is designed to breed corporate slaves not leaders. It’s really some sick shit, I hope this is all making sense. These people “in power” know full well that they are strangling their people but they continue to do what they do because they are consumed by ego and are only focused on self. They are very immature and really need to get back in touch with God because they are holding Mankind back from reaching MAX POTENTIAL.

Ill get into what inspired me to write this article. People see me out there, and this isn’t for everyone but some people think I’m crazy for cleaning The Earth that God created. Oh shit this guy isn’t only concerned about himself, he MUST be a NUT. Lol its funny how much it doesn’t make sense. People know so little about leadership that they don’t even know a leader when they see one. I mean Ill actually give them credit and assume they know, its just that their ego denies logic because the ego itself doesn’t make sense so anything good that comes around it condemns. I really wish I could just wave my hand and tame every ones ego because The World would be a much better place because then people would be feel The Power of God flowing through their veins and around them. But I have to do it by marketing my website and once people read about ego and see the videos they will become aware of it, which will start Mankind on their journey out of insanity. I was just writing this in my facebook status so I figure I throw it in here to wrap all of this up. Basically ego is the problem holding Mankind back. Ego has people detached from other human beings and Nature aka God. People basically need to get back in touch with God by Loving EVERYTHING here which will lead to caring about more and fixing more stuff which will lead to a smarter populace. That will result in a Better World and humans reaching Max Potential. The key is getting in touch with God by loving EVERYTHING here. There’s millions, if not billions out there desperately searching for God, something very easy to “find.” Why don’t you start loving what God created, that will give you a DEEP STRONG BOND with The Creator. Feel free to believe in whatever religion you follow, but you have to focus more on the spiritual aspect and not all the stories meant to brainwash you. Just love what’s here, it’s not even hard to understand…..

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