ego nitpicks. Don’t suffer because of small minded thinking. See THE BIG PICTURE. Casting judgement leads to suffering when the judged no longer fit into your box.



I feel a need to constantly write about ego because I am constantly in contact with people who are held prisoner to theirs and have such a jaded screwed up view on life. People are always trying to make me look dumb whether it be online or in person. I don’t have an ego war but I usually say something that helps them look at The Big Picture. This one guy at my shelter sees me with a big bag of bread (people in the kitchen give me extra food when they are about to throw it away because they know I hate wasting food). He comments on the bread saying in a real patronizing sort of way “you really need all that bread.” I say “well no, they just give me food because they know I hate wasting food.” Time passes and now he comes back still eyeing the bread grinning and says “you gona eat all that bread.” I was busy writing so I say “This is the second time you’ve disturbed me while I’m working, you seem to have your thoughts consumed by the fact that I have excess bread, there’s way bigger concerns for you to have. There’s a child that starves every 5 seconds, just to help you keep things in perspective.” He didn’t say anything after that and I could tell his ego then went to punishing him for exposing his ignorance/indifference. I’ll explain that event a little more to help you understand it all. People in here think/thought I was crazy because there’s this mindset, well if you’re in here then SOMETHING must be wrong with you. That’s how the ego thinks, in terms of negative. By me showing that my brain works and is actually working on a different level than the average person I didn’t fit in the box he created for me, which led to the ego inflicting punishment. I’m not like super sick with mind reading but I could tell just by the way that he started looking at the ground and his slumped demeanor that he was feeling inferior to me, another thing the ego loves to do.

Once again the ego is something you want to learn to tame because it is literally the cause of your suffering. Casting judgment on people leads to some people not fitting into the box you created, which leads to your ego beating yourself up for being “stupid.” It is best to just accept people for who they are and never put any limits on what they can do. That’s the problem with this World, everyone puts limits on others, which leads to human potential being strangled. Ego is what is holding This World back! Ego is what has the leaders on a psychopathic mission to destroy and enslave and ego has the people down the line doing/wanting to do the same and the people at the bottom thinking they can’t do anything. Ego MUST be tamed for Mankind to progress.


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