Crossroads Shelter (and ANYONE I hear about going HARD helping) I’m Taking You ALL around The World with me. This is not “my mission” This is OUR MISSION. LETS GET ER DONE.



At the point of you reading this, it is blatantly obvious to you that I am going to BLOW UP and blow up BIG. These signs are not leaving my body until I become well known throughout The World and once that happens we’re putting an end to all the nonsense plaguing This World by instilling a Global Resource Based Economy. A system designed to benefit EVERYONE so people don’t grow up thinking that the system is against them which breeds people viewing themselves as detached from the rest of society which breeds criminals and indifference to the suffering of others. It is well known that people are weak when alone and strong when together so the whole structure of This World is completely asinine, something that can be easily seen by anyone.

You cannot view all of this as “Q’s thing.” This is OUR thing and I’m speaking to anyone around The World reading this as well. This new system is going to benefit EVERYONE. Healthcare, Education, Housing, and Food for EVERYONE. Imagine a system that people knew was benefiting them, imagine how many people would volunteer and assist in its success. If you guessed EVERYONE on The Planet you are THE WINNER!!

Children are starving every five seconds, getting bombed, trees that we need to breathe are being destroyed to clean up stains and wipe shit from ass, corporations are producing low quality products designed to break leading to landfills getting filled up with precious natural resources, food is being poisoned with GMOS (genetically modified organisms), civilians from poor neighborhoods are enrolling into the military to “serve country” and dying so bankers and corporations can have deeper pockets, freedoms are being stripped everyday with each new law created because these ego driven lunatics want to ENSLAVE YOU ALL, people are losing their jobs, homes and peace mind. The current system is designed to benefit those at the top, which leads to a jungle with everyone clawing for scraps of meat. We have brains for a REASON, we are not supposed to act like animals. That is just some of the problems plaguing This World, the list is actually much larger than that but I don’t want this article being the problems of The World, I just wanted to open up your minds to help you get out of thinking solely about yourself because there is a lot of crazy nonsense going on in This World and it is time for us to put an end to it. To help persuade you to start caring about the problems of The World because the first your ego is going to say “screw them, I gota worry about my own shit”, it is scientifically proven to make you smarter because your mental thought process is expanded and it is scientifically proven to strengthen your immune system and extend your life. So if being smart, healthy and living long is of any interest to you it would be wise to start caring about what God created. On top of that you will have a POWERFUL connection with The Creator and tap into Gods essence that naturally flows through each living creature on This Planet. Simply put, it is unnatural to not care about The Whole and that is why so many selfish ego consumed people are unhappy because they don’t care about what God created which leads to your spirit starving, which is the foundation of what you are.

So now that you have a firm grasp on what is happening it is time for me to let you know what you must do to put an end to this insanity plaguing Mankind and have the ULTIMATE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. The bare minimum is telling EVERYONE you know about a Global Resource Based Economy, The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project, This website, and the NEED for Empathy, Love, Peace, Cooperation, Unity, and Synergy. Post on statuses periodically People don’t know that there is another way, a BETTER WAY and that’s why people are so locked into believing that the money system is “the way.” The next level is you modeling the behavior that is going to exist in The Future. Not wasting (food, time anything essentially), not talking down about people, constantly working to improve yourself feeding mind, body and spirit, and teaching others all that you know to help people learn what you have to offer and learn from your mistakes. Basically just overall caring about others and not being exclusively focused on yourself. The success of this mission is going to take me around The World to meet all of the people that dwell here and I plan on taking any of you with me who want to come whether you help or not, but after all I’ve said you are going to want to help and give 1000% effort because I love you all and I want you all to do your best because that’s just how my mind works. Some of you are “old” but it is NEVER too late to leave a Legacy of LASTING ULTIMATE GREATNESS. Purpose is something that is missing from many of your lives but this is NO LONGER A PROBLEM. You now have something to do EVERYDAY to aid in the survival of Mankind. There is NOTHING of more importance than the Preservation of This Earth and The Progression of Mankind. I am honored to have come into ya’ll presence and I look forward to working with all of you to make This World a BETTER PLACE.

This article was primarily dedicated to the people that live in the shelter I’m in but if I hear about someone else around The City or even The World for that matter that is putting heart and soul into this mission then I would love for you to travel The World with me as well. I want to have a MASSIVE SAILBOAT fitted with the LATEST TECHNOLOGY (of course) that can house hundreds if not thousands of people depending on how many people that will accompany us. I already have to take all of my facebook friends (those who want to come that is) because I have been pounding them with statuses and so many have abandoned me so I figure I reward those that decided to stick around through all of my ignorance as I developed into the knowledge source of Truth I am now. But once again if I hear about ANYONE around The World giving THEIR ALL to aid in this mission I want you all to board the vessel that will quite literally hit EVERY SINGLE PORT IN THE WORLD. It has been my dream to travel The World and I would imagine it is a dream shared by many of you all. THIS IS OUR MISSION so LETS GET ER DONE!!!!!!!!


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