We MUST Instill a Global Resource Based Economy by December 21st. That is The Ancient Mayan Prophecy. The Age of Cooperation and Brotherhood is UPON US. Do not resist DESTINY.


Tomorrow is the day I am going to start running around Oakland with my signs promoting this website. I am very confident about all of this because I don’t believe that the destruction of This Planet and The life that dwells here is supposed to carry on. That doesn’t make sense to me. I admit I feel some sort of way right now though because this is essentially it. I have poured heart and soul into this website for the past month putting a bulk of what I know and as of right now haven’t got much support from my online community. Writing is obsolete, I wish I could just transmit my brain because there is still A LOT stuck in there that I MUST EVENTUALLY share. During this next phase, the final phase, while I am charging around advertising and picking up trash off of Gods Earth I will continue to write music and articles about any things that come to mind about The Present and The Future that we will be building. I won’t post any more images because I already have 428 explaining a ridiculous amount of nonsense going in This World and how we need to be acting in The Future to Thrive and Prosper. Sifting through all of that is already something that would consume ones time so I won’t add any more because just about all of the MAJOR issues are explained.

Part of the reason why I’m feeling a sort of way is because I know people are going to view me as crazy because I am running around and cleaning up God’s Earth. That’s how LOST humans are, they see someone who cares and they are viewed as crazy. The mindset in This World is so ASS BACKWARDS. The people who don’t care are going to be the ones who are viewed as insane psychopaths. But luckily they won’t exist because The Power of God is simply TOO STRONG. But basically this is it, this HAS TO WORK. People have to visit the site, read the content and leave behind detachment and we MUST WORK TOGETHER to wake up the 1% who are hell bent on the destruction of This Earth and All Life here because of their unconsciousness, which is because of their massive egos that tell them that more money and material wealth is going to lead them to happiness. The people MUST UNITE and we MUST do away with this INSANE society that has people believing that their own neighbor is their enemy. This shit doesn’t even make sense.

At this point I don’t really know what else to do. I have given YOU ALL THE KNOWLEDGE and UNCOVERED a MAJORITY of the lies that they pump through the media that they own. I’m banking on the fact that people will see the website I’m advertising and not dismiss me as a lunatic and then TELL EVERYONE they know because that is how this is going to BLOWUP WORLDWIDE. Word of mouth advertising is THE MOST POWERFUL form of advertising so YOU, yes YOU reading right now MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for Your Future, The Future of Your kids and ALL of Gods Creations by TELLING EVERYONE YOU KNOW AND TELLING THEM TO DO THE SAME!!!!! That is the problem with This World, everyone thinks everything is someone else’s job. This is OUR PLANET, GODS PLANET so You MUST START ACTING LIKE YOU GIVE A DAMN ABOUT IT!!!!! I CANNOT DO THIS ALONE!!!! It would take years if I tried to do it alone. This is supposed to happen OVERNIGHT!!!!!! December 21st, That is The Mayan Prophecy from The Ancient Mayan Gods who walked this Earth. YOU MUST LOVE GOD, because THAT IS WHO CREATED YOU so PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW THAT WE NEED A GLOBAL RESOURCE BASED ECONOMY. Tell EVERYONE you know that We NEED PEACE, EMPATHY, LOVE, COOPERATION, and SYNERGY to ADVANCE MANKIND!!!! THIS IS SERIOUS!!!! Children are starving EVERY SECOND!!! Children are getting bombed RIGHT NOW!!!! The Ozone Layer is BEING DESTROYED RIGHT NOW!!!!!! Nature is being RAVAGED RIGHT NOW!!!!!! The Time is NOW!!!!!!! We have LITTLE TIME LEFT.

I don’t believe God wants me to die but in the event that I do get killed by them while I’m out there then one of you MUST CARRY THE TOUCH AND SPREAD TRUTH!!!! You CAN NOT let your fear overcome your LOVE for THIS PLANET and THE LIFE HERE. Our spirits are eternal, so it doesn’t even matter if they kill you. Thinking that our bodies are the end of us is just immature ego thinking. I can’t imagine they are that stupid to kill me seeing as it is BLATANTLY OBVIOUS God is Driving me but I don’t put anything past unconsciousness, especially considering the shit I know they are doing and what they intend to do. WE MUST UNITE, STAND STRONG and PROVE TO THEM WE ARE UNITED, which will give us the POWER to BREAK FREE of the thick chains they have wrapped around this Beautiful Earth. We MUST WORK TOGETHER and instill a system that BENEFITS US ALL or we will all perish. SPREAD THE WORD, START YOUR OWN MOVEMENT, CLEAN UP TRASH, STOP TOUCHING MONEY, STOP WASTING, RECYCLE, STOP touching toilet paper (shower after or use reusable cloths) We NEED Trees to BREATHE not wipe shit off ass!!!! Friggin INSANITY I swear. You MUST MODEL WHAT YOU WANT IN THIS WORLD. The time of hypocrisy is OVER. People will Practice what they Preach. Condemning is OVER, that is ego crap. If you want people to not litter then pick up trash! If you want to be a Leader CRUSADING against this insanity then you must be The Light, The MODEL for EVERYONE ELSE. Habits MUST MATCH PRINCIPLES. Theres a lot more on leadership but that’s the BIG one because you have to have INTEGRITY and people MUST KNOW THAT YOU DO if you want them to follow you. And its not about people following you, its about people “following” you because they know you are doing EVERYTHING in Your Power to make sure they can be THE BEST THEY CAN BE. EVERYONE WILL BE A LEADER, That’s how The Future is going to work. There aren’t going to be any laws because that’s primitive. Laws are a result of a small percentage trying to keep a large percent in line. People are enslaved RIGHT NOW and don’t even realize it. SMH.

The 1 law will be NO destruction of Gods Earth and NO suffering of Gods Creations. In terms of animals I understand a lot of you love meat. I personally am a vegan but once again because I believe in ULTIMATE FREEDOM my only thing is that I want the animals to be raised free range. I don’t want them living on top of each other in little cells, that is some really sick demented shit. So feel free to eat meat but NONE whether human or animal deserves to lives a life of pain and torture. The way I see it there’s probably going to be a bunch of people who turn vegan solely because of Leadership but I’m not going to force my belief that animals are Gods on people. It only makes sense seeing as God created everything so the essence of God flows in each spirit that dwells here.

My understanding of This World is that humans are the most intellectually advanced so therefore are the ones responsible for maintaining peace and order for everything else. The fact that humans think of themselves as above other humans and other creatures and God created ALL OF THIS, is just proof of human insanity. It doesn’t fully make sense that humans think it’s ok to torture animals, kill their own and destroy This Planet but luckily I don’t even think it makes sense to the unconsciousness committing the atrocities and that’s why I can’t imagine it is going to take long for heads to exit ass and this shift in consciousness to take place THIS YEAR, 2012 because that is OUR DESTINY.

I don’t have time to sit around contemplating/researching if I’m “The Chosen One” because there might be more like me who are in similar circumstance around The Globe who are spreading TRUTH and on the verge of BLOWING UP, all I know is that I had a Revelation in the summer time 4 months ago to unite 7 billion people because suffering on This Planet is SUPPOSED TO END THIS YEAR. I’ve been through mental asylums and just some irritating shit in general with people thinking I’m crazy because I Care. Like 100 friends have un-friended me on Facebook since embarking on this mission and other people didn’t even want to have anything to do with me. I have put Blood Sweat and Tears INTO THIS AND IT WOULD REALLY BE NICE IF I COULD GET SOME HELP!!!!!!!! I have been working EVERY DAY for OUR CAUSE and this is when you do YOUR PART and you spread the word to EVERY LIVING SOUL you know with ears and we BLOW THIS UP AND CREATE A BETTER WORLD. I LOVE YOU ALL. I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL WE GET THIS DONE!!!!!

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