Money = cause of humans problems. Revering the chains enslaving you = Failure. 1% = FAR from elite.


One thing about humans is that they have it locked in their mind that there has to be money. This is mainly because they don’t know about any other way. They think the 1% are the elites because they have all the money. There’s a good quote from Gandhi that goes like this “Some people are so poor that all they have is money.” Viewing the 1% as the elites is the BIGGEST problem you could do. That’s essentially, not believing in God. The 1% are destroying The Planet God created so to think of them as having any true power at all is laughable. They are unconscious and unconsciousness has no power because it views itself as detached from The Whole that is strong.

There are people out there who don’t think this is going to work and that thinking basically means you think God was going to let This World be destroyed by the very creations that God created. LOL. I read something in a book that The Universe might eventually self destruct or something (that wouldn’t be for a very very long time so don’t worry) but thinking that The World was going to continue to get blown up by bombs and people starving and suffering is a loser mentality and I can only imagine how that is affecting your personal life thinking with such pessimism. It has long been known that 2012 was going to be The End of The World. Up until having The Revelation I thought it was a load of shit, similar to Y2K but then I started yelling and making videos. I haven’t posted any of the 1000 videos I have made on this website and that’s partly because there’s no point in being entertained by a crazy person. Even though I was making noise and getting peoples’ attention, which served its purpose, I didn’t even know how I was going to unite 7 billion people at the time or what solutions needed to take place or even the various degrees of human insanity until I got deep on This Quest. When I first started on This Mission I thought I was going to use my Brilliant Business/People skills and use money to unite the people. But money is the VERY thing tearing people apart lol, so that doesn’t even make sense. It has to be done with Leadership.

The way I see it I just have to be the biggest marketer for The Zeitgeist Movement/The Venus Project. Once people understand that there is a BETTER WAY, then it will become easy to want to do away with the money system because you see how terribly flawed it is and the COUNTLESS problems that stem from it. People don’t think outside the box, they think in terms of more money solving their problems instead of thinking that money itself is the problem. All I really should have to say is people kill for money for it to click but that’s usually not enough. Then I say the people who create the money hoard it, which creates a jungle for the rest of the population to claw over the gristle left on the bones. That’s usually not enough. The money systems leads to some having way more money than others which breeds jealousy, envy and hate which leads to crime. The money system breeds detachment. There’s just so many problems that it’s ridiculous.

I won’t beast on this article because I have to do my chore right now lol, but basically a system needs to be instilled that is providing people with their basic needs healthcare, education, food, entertainment and an incentive system that rewards people for benefiting The Whole aka The System supporting them. Once people know that The System is FOR THEM, not against them (that’s how it is now) EVERYONE will be jumping head over heels to support it. Once again, we are supposed to be working together not against each other. We are not beasts, we have advanced minds for a reason. Supporting the money system is to essentially support beast thinking and primitive insanity. It really doesn’t even make any type of sense.


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