Channel The Genius in You by Caring about The Whole The Greater Good or be selfish and grow stupid.


So I was in such a rush to get out I forgot to even take a drink or bring any fruit with me so I don’t pass out. Sometimes I get ahead of myself lol. One of my signs ripped so I decided to turn around and head back to the shelter I stay to repair it and stock up on some oranges. I noticed I got some traffic from China today and that really made me feel good seeing as how their government censors so much content from their population to keep them ignorant to what’s out there to perpetuate the enslavement. If you are in China reading this then you MUST spread the word as much as you POSSIBLY can. I know about Foxconn and how they have nets around the building to prevent people from committing suicide while people are working around the clock getting whipped and beaten. I don’t even know the full extent of the insanity seeing as I spend more time fighting this nonsense not researching it but I can only imagine and everything I’m doing is with ya’ll in mind as well. It is mind blowing how a “leader” does things against their people’s best interests, it DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE. I of course want to put an end to all my babies starving across The World (there’s MORE THAN ENOUGH FOOD TO GO AROUND!!!!) There is just some really sick shit going on in This World, it’s ridiculous.

It felt good to be out there really getting myself out there even if it was only for a hour and a half running and cleaning up Gods beautiful Earth. People are going to feel the sense of urgency PULSING off of me. Its funny to think they are going to initially think I’m crazy for cleaning up the streets, The Planet that was created by God. Humans are really just something else, their whole way of thinking is ASS BACKWARDS. Someone trying to make positive change = crazy and someone poisoning their people riding on rims with jewels that people kill for = cool. LMAOO. Shit is HILARIOUS. But adversity is nothing new to me, God has been training me for this mission when I was younger when he gave me a big head and I had to deal with all the other kids making fun of me. Countless other things have happen where people were talking crap about me so people thinking I’m crazy while I carry The Truth about This World and Solutions for The New World is really nothing to me. This is going to get done, that is just how this works. I am going to just keep running around This City until people visit my website realize that they need to pull head out of ass and start caring about what God created and then we are ALL going to unite and we are going to start living like a civilized people instead of like a bunch of primitive beasts fighting over material wealth.

I’m just going to assume people reading this article haven’t read the countless other articles I have on The Solutions for This World. Think of it this way, as of right now The System is designed to benefit the people at the top. This breeds people who grow up not feeling cared about/detached from everyone else. When you feel like people don’t care about you, it leads you to not care about people, which leads you to become a machine perpetuating Insanity. You put material wealth over humanity. Such asinine behavior to say the least seeing as human beings are social by nature and are supposed to live in communities and work together to support each other. When people grow up not receiving a proper education, health care, food, entertainment, housing the mindset instilled is “I gota get mines by any means necessary because none else is going to help me.” So you have criminals springing up and instead of leaders doing EVERYTHING in their Power to benefit EVERYONE they build prisons to enslave the people who don’t conform to the madness working some corporate slavery job. Besides the criminals you have a general population who simply doesn’t give a damn about shit except themselves and the propaganda being pumped through the tube (don’t let me get started on that but basically they are owned by the very corporations robbing and killing you and destroying This Planet so believing ANYTHING on tv is essentially asinine) which leads the general population to be completely ignorant. Once again, the more you care about the more you think about the more problems you realize and then the more solutions you brainstorm. So yup, being selfish and not caring about Gods Earth = you are making yourself stupid. When brain cells aren’t used they waste away similar to an unused muscle. This World is just so ridiculously flawed and it is all because of POOR leadership. That’s just SOME of the problems in house, I’m not even going in depth seeing as I’m probably just going to start summarizing the madness in each new post I write because I know that people have limited attention spans and are probably only going to read like one thing before they click away and start browsing handbags or whatever the hell consumer crap that people feel they need to be “adequate.”

So now as much as stuff sucks in this country, united states (name is hypocrisy due to the political structure, I see little –NO unity in this country but that’s a whole other article) people overseas have it a GAZILLION times worse!!! Children are starving every 5 seconds, children are getting bombed mouths and limbs being ripped from body!!!!! But your biggest concern is what you’re going to get your family for Christmas so you can perpetuate corporate slavery. Oh yea that reminds me, they create cheap as products to break so you have to go out and replace which leads to HUGE LANDFILLS piling up. Shit just literally makes no sense. This World makes no sense. I understand it, just by reading you can see that but it doesn’t make sense and it is because people are simply unconscious and not thinking about The Greater Good. Leaders and most of the general population is essentially ignorant. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over expecting different results. Mankind is literally insane but luckily this nonsense is coming to an END. I pray they are more like me in different parts of The World but it doesn’t even matter!!! People are going to see me in the streets ON MY JOB and you all reading this are going to FEEL THIS and ALL OF YOU are going to TELL EVERYONE THAT YOU POSSIBLY CAN so we can CREATE A BETTER WORLD and free ourselves from these chains that corporations have on This World and even themselves. Ill finish this article by saying, you can’t admire the people “on top” or else you are idolizing the very parasites who are sucking you dry, This Planet dry and themselves as well. When you don’t care about Gods Earth or Gods creations you are spiritually DEAD. Luckily I’m good at bringing people back to life so they will learn the proper way as well. When you are spiritually dead, you are consumed by ego so as much enslavement as they are imposing on This World they themselves are enslaved as well because they are trapped in a mindset of MORE and MORE and MORE.

My spirit, which I don’t believe could be from This World, learned at a very young age that material possessions DOES NOT bring one happiness. Service to others and Loving Gods Earth does that. That is the joy that lasts FOREVER, not temporarily like some new car or clothes. Once you get that stuff, the pursuit for more IMMEDIATELY begins. I remember having all sorts of Gucci, Louis, Burberry stuff and I just always wanted more. I got really pissed off with my shallowness. In retrospect, it’s been my Destiny to do this and have Ultimate Wisdom but I really would invite you to examine your attachment to material things and really think about what makes you happy. The people “on top” want you to love their crap because that makes them feel like they have it all but come on now. When you have the money to feed the millions of children starving around The World and you don’t, that is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of how I want to be. You can’t admire selfish people or you become a selfish person yourself. Admire Gandhi, Einstein, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, just to name some of the people I look up to. Don’t look up to the guy killing his own people riding around on big rims, come on now, you gota be smarter than that. Already explained that being selfish makes you grow stupid so do you want to be stupid and only care about self or be a Genius that looks out for The Greater Good. Being selfish leads to history forgetting you ever existed, Loving EVERYTHING leads to your name becoming TIMELESS. Legacy of GREATNESS or no legacy. The choice is yours. You have The POWER. I Love You All unconditionally but ya’ll need to wake up or This Planet is going to continue to be destroyed because of the collective indifference to all the suffering taking place.

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