Breaking down the Asinineness of religion. IMPOSSIBLE for cavemen to theorize their own creation.



I feel I have to break down the asinineness of religious stories claiming to know how The World was created. Needless to say this won’t be a long article. So first let’s just state some well known things. Man, in his earliest stages, was BEYOND primitive. He couldn’t write or do much except for eat, shit and reproduce and LATER in time began to use tools to make his life easier.

So let’s put all this together now bringing to light those well known scientific proven facts. I have yet to study the details of religion to understand all of them conceptually which is the same exact reason why I will never open a religious book in my life. If I was to study anything about God it would be the same ancient spiritual teachings that religions have stolen and added their own layer of fluff. Buddhism is the closest thing you could say I identify with. Ever heard of a war being waged by Buddhists? Yea, my point exactly.

Got a little side tracked but on with breaking down the ZERO sense. If man could couldn’t write in his earliest stages then how could ANYONE possibly know the story as to how we were created? I recently told that to a friend of mine and his immediate response was “oh, but they had pictures and stuff.” Ok so let’s say that the earliest men, who were too primitive to even know how to accurately depict ANYTHING that was going on with any full understanding, let’s just say he had created some scribbles out of stuff lying around. Once again, you must accept the fact that Man could not write so these are STRICTLY sloppy scribbles done with a stick. To survive the test of time he would of actually had to use some type of metal to hammer into stone, something literally impossible for the earliest of earliest of man to know how to do. But let’s just give religious leaders the benefit of the doubt that man was created knowing how to build hammers and draw pictures of how he was created, cough *BULLSHIT* cough. So now this leads people hundreds of years later, when man is more evolved to write, to examine sloppy pictures and form books and stories out of sheer concepts. You see two heads eating food and you create this grand beautiful story of Adam and Eve doing x y z in a garden and then on top of that make women look like jackasses which leads to women being looked down for hundreds of years and not even being viewed as equal to men. This Nonsense is RIDICULOUS just writing about it because it makes ENTIRELY NO SENSE. Just a successful attempt and weakening women The Bringers of LIFE!!! And we’ve been treating them like crap raping them, not giving them equal rights and reducing them to lesser beings in society. Shit is SICKENING to me, the unconsciousness of mankind. This article got a little longer than I anticipated and I have LOADS more to say for any who would like to discuss more on this subject. I used to say there’s 3 major religions which gives them a 33 % chance at being correct and a 66% at being wrong. I referred to those 3 because those are the big 3 that love to kill each other, GODS CREATIONS. I was leaving out Buddhism this whole time so now that leaves us with 4, a 25% at being correct and now a STAGGERING 75% at being FALSE FALSE FALSE. In The Future I honestly don’t care what crazy story you believe in. I have learned to be a witness to my ego not convert others to my way. But I will break down the irrational of believing in RIDICULOUS stories that have been created by corrupt men to answer the unknown which gives the people high up in those institutions to manipulate and extort people who simply don’t know any better. I will NOT let this deception carry on ANY LONGER!! My Brothers and Sisters will not fall victim to the divided forces that religion imposes on its people with Ruthless Efficiency. I’ll end this by saying this. In the event you still believe your religion is “right” then God wouldn’t have to send someone like me and you would already be saving us all with solutions/leadership to solve The World’s problems and we would ALL quickly conform and believe in “your” God. I just KILLED this article, I’m off this.

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