The Age of Personifying God has reached its FINAL chapter. Brief Break Down the INSANITY of the human mind.


The mind is complete madness. It really is crazy what type of stuff our minds create. It is crazy how many of us have been and are imprisoned by our minds. We think we are our thoughts and sometimes our thoughts are “good” or “bad.” The quotations are there because the whole concept of good and bad are perceptions of the mind. The mind is so crazy because it tries to label and fragment life which is, in true essence, a whole.

The next step is to become one with that essence and not the fabrications of the mind. Not identifying yourself with the forms on this world is one big step to that. There are possessions that mean a lot to you because of a story that has been placed on. It may be your dead relatives so it sentimental value. You feel a deep connection with the object because it reminds you of a part of your past. We think our past is who we are. This is not the case. Our past is just a bunch of experiences that our minds have created labels for, which in our minds, is our identity. In actuality, your identity cannot be labeled or classified by any human mind. This is because the human mind has very limited knowledge because it is limited to form.

Who you are is the spirit that animates your body. When all thought has subsided who you are is the life that you feel flowing through your lips, hands, feet, chest, legs and the rest of your body. Who you are is the silent presence taking witness to your mind. We are all already one with God, there is no need to search. Lessen your thought process and just feel the energy that is flowing through you. Thoughts distract you from the un-manifested which is essentially what God is, the energy flowing through all of life. The mind tries to put this label on God, personifying something that is simply not meant to be mentally understood, its just something that is felt and known by your inner essence which is one in the same.

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