Billions will ride with me but my friend fears his lady friend finding out about FMS. An Ez lesson on ego.


I realized a lot from lasts nights failed outing. I learned some deeper things about myself, about my friend and our relationship. I left the strip party last night early because I had no interest in being around that kind of behavior, not something that gets me excited.

I noticed that my friend tries to tell me things I cant do and tries to bust me out (make fun of me) when with other friends. Its funny because he was like “Qous (that’s what they call me) is brolic he the one who supposed to have the brolic cheeks, where his cheeks at?” He was trying to tell me how I shouldn’t get buff and explaining reasons for why I shouldn’t get buff, one being that girls don’t like it. When told that, that is his ego telling me I shouldn’t get buff because it feels threatened he brushed that off and I was in no interest to get in an argument so I didn’t press into the issue.

I realized that I basically have to distance myself a little until I get my website started which should be very soon. I feel like I have exhausted my talk with him and the group. He is publicly trying to put me down. I say Future Millionaire Society while the girl is driving us to the strip club and he tries to tell me to not say that. Its funny when you think about it and this is his ego fearing change, fearing the inevitable change I bring. The funny part is that millions of people are going to be a part of my organization, eventually billions and hes scared of one girl finding out about it and being interested in it. Hes filled up with negative energy and isnt even aware of it because that is what the ego does. It makes us seem right and everyone wrong. I had to then very calmly but firmly explain that me saying my company name is not something you can control. Forget exactly what I said but it was along those lines.

That’s my bro don’t get me wrong but it can be quite enlightening when we see our friends for what they are. Sometimes our closest friends are the ones who are holding us back the most. If this is the case then you have to rise to the role of leader and show through example to your friend a better way to live.

I’m not going to let this bother me or get mad about it. I have a solution to remedy this problem, similar to the solution I have for the World. By modeling the new behaviors that will be acted out in the New World we build.

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